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Washroom Studio are more than just a Multimedia producer, we have a home services and printing division, we can be utilised for anything from performing at your next party with one of our performers or DJ's to having the fence replaced around your yard while wearing one of our T-shirts while listening to us on the radio. 

Officially named by Mary MacGregor after her son, "Alan", was always recording music in the Laundry while he was "drying out" from an Alcohol addiction of 25 years. 

As a part of life, people must accept themselves for who and what they are, in order to achieve any kind of direction.

With this Philosophy, Alan was able to stop drinking, successfully, he pays that forward in honour of his mothers unrelenting support and he invites people that have seen addiction, had doors slammed closed on them, felt the hurt that most don't even recognise and turned it into something magical, or at least have a lot of fun trying. 

When the so called pandemic hit, it stopped us in our tracks, we halted everything, and it took it's toll as all industry changed, reprices and most of our business contacts hit a downward spiral and vanished. We stayed the course and decided to fight against the powers implementing all of this rubbish. 

Our Production company, Recording studio and Radio station is based out of Perth Western Australia and is non compliant to any and all laws that are in contradiction of the Australian constitution and we make no mistake in informing the public about all of it, despite being imprisoned, threatened, attacked and slandered, particularly by the small competitors.. 



Our commitment to freedom and the human rights of ALL people is unrelenting and steadfast, despite what they throw at us, we will always be there to be a thorn in their side.



Please enjoy the content we post thats NOT regulated by the principles of political correctness dictated to society by the weak, inferior and bullying. 

Please get on board, create a group, invite your friends, write something on the blog or forum, enjoy a video or maybe even buy something from the shop.. 

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