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I'm Back

Hey Hey Fellow Earthlings!!!


What ever you like too be called

I'm Back

Yes it has been awhile

Well I have been busy busy working on new and exciting things too amaze you and captivate your imagination.

So without further too do

Sit back grab a cold beverage or Coffee or whatever tickles your fancy

and enjoy some light hearted entertainment


Well I hope you enjoyed this video.

Stay tuned plenty and mean plenty of silly informative and even a

Yes seems strange for me too say

Even educational things to inspire and enlighten your day or indeed life.

Well till next time

This is Dale Signing off till next time

Peace Out

Hey if you enjoyed this video or write ups then by all means drop a message and say.

G'day and Any Ideas on what you would like too see on

Dale's World


Please if you like what you see

Always remember you can always

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I'm out of here till next time

Dale Out

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    Well, this group is for all things "Dale"... His experiments...

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