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Fellow Peasants!!

Firstly I would like too say

Well has been awhile since,

I have written well my

fellow **Peasants*

I'm back to say

Gday MuthrFkrs!!!!!!!!

So as I was saying In

Dale's World

Has been absoloutly full on yes I mean full on, When I say full on I mean mind blowing amazing.

Firstly as a lot of you know I'm a

One Nation Member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well and I I say to this

Freedom freedom Freedom!

Well lets say I'm not your average member

I try I say try keep quiet about

Politics lol.....................

I Sit on The Fence

So to speak lol!

I'm genuine old fashioned funny and fun loving kinda guy is me lol

better known as

The Dale


Numerous other names too many too mention here

and a note my fellow Pesants

I will never be late for dinner lol lmfao(I'm a bit of a foodie)

shhhhhhhhh.................. dont tell everyone

I am an Australian with a twist of wit class and charisma)

That's me lol a right proper larikan, love too have a good time and all the rest.

So I'll Leave it there

Fellow Peasants


Bid you farewell till next time

All the best and have a awesome day

Peace Out

This is dale signing off


peace out


Well, this group is for all things "Dale"... His experiments...


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