2021 so far

Well its an interesting world we are living in and the amount of political adversity is at an all time high between people, how did it come to this?, what happened all of a sudden that threw the world into a state of chaos and uncertainty?

Far be it for me to assume I am in any way smarter than some scientists and experts in their fields, but when I am listening to several experts in their fields contradicting each other, it gets awfully hard to make sense of it all.

What I am finding is that for one to form their own opinions gathered from facts that its instantly become a political agenda, not simply a summation as it should be, all of a sudden to have your own opinion or reasoning is almost illegal.

Washroom Studio went along to join in on a freedom day drive, a peaceful protest, the way things are meant to be done when citizens disapprove of certain government actions or laws, During our attendance, we were non intrusive, we were friendly and gave no one any trouble whatsoever, yet we were yelled obscenities at, we were insulted, wished death upon, threatened with violence and all for what?, because we dont want to get a needle that makes no sense to us?.

The Common social media response to someone that questions the narrative due to inconsistencies is to censor me or I will be met with a whole barrage of people that have bought into this narrative that feel its appropriate to name call, threaten and carry on the same way these people did that were lining the streets of our protest attendance, I mean what is that?

A friend of mine (Travis Carter) pointed it out perfectly when he summed up NAZI propaganda and its effects on the public, the Fascism it was responsible for and how the government let this persecution go unhindered, this is a frightening reality to understand, but its exactly the same.

Washroom Studio will always continue the fight for free speech, the value of Australian Citizenship, the well being of our people and the prosperity of our nation, we will not be hindered by the likes of woke culture and their pathetic sensors, their weak mentality, their non survivalist ways and plastic lives.

The Brainwashing is not welcome in Washroom studio, Woke does not exist here.

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