Well Washroom TV has been very busy with season 2 recording as many episodes as we can to get ahead of time, many things from self defence, basic woodwork, comedy skits, music vids and more.

The aim is to be politically incorrect but not offensive, can it be done?, I guess you're going to find out.

In regard to politics, theres the whole "vaccination" thing thats really freaking a lot of people out, a lot of unnecessary anger and resentment for each other for something as simple as a needle?, I mean really? .. If people want the needle then get it, if people don't then don't.

I have noticed that the media is really hammering this hard, a lot of the politics being dramatized more than they should be, People need to remember that mankind has been around a long time and overcome far worse things as a society than an experimental vaccine.

In Saying that, I understand that people have genuine fears, as with Influenza A, this virus needs vigilance to control it, people have had the flu shot yet still get the flu, same thing with this COVID. I guess it all comes down to faith and mass Placebo effect on both accounts.

Now, to set the record straight, I am a One Nation supporter, and that should not be a problem for anyone, that doesn't mean I push the politics, nor do I rant on about other parties, boring press conferences, political accusations and dramas, I'm not interested in any of it, I am only worried about the future of this country and what the politicians I support can offer it.

There is a stigma attached to this party, this being one of Racism, bigotry, and everything that a "far right" person would be accused of if they were flying a swastika...

Thats pure political smear, as I myself would never entertain the notion of racial bigotry in any manner and I sure as hell would not support it.

And as I am no means a political expert, I have been learning a lot about it, learned how there are candidates passionate about the people and then theres candidates passionate about the peoples money.

When a Candidate or Party is more concerned with the monetary value of a person as opposed to their humanitarian qualities and freedom of choice they deserve, then the premise of their intent is not really a democratic one, not really one that serves the people, as it serves the "state".

When I see a politician with an intent that breaks that cycle, and regardless of some mistakes that all parties have made being brought to light, stood above it, and maintained a strong willed campaign, I see the strength that represents the Australian culture I have grown to know and understand, particularly the Aussie battler.

I attend many seminars and listen to wise people speak, men and women a lot smarter than me that have studied fields I have always had a silent interest in such as Geology, Astronomy and history.

I take mental note of the things they say, and the contradictions between these professionals and the ones paid by the government, they seem to grossly misalign even to the point of Doctors being sent letters from the AHPRA essentially telling them that to deny the government narrative on the vaccine they will lose their license.

Now It strikes me as very odd that people will not see suspicion in this, the whole idea that any government can supress a doctors rights to such a thing, despite them taking the same risk to their Hippocratic oath by doing so

Placing vile restrictions on people and business, meanwhile destroying peoples homes to make way for new railway networks and building quarantine "Camps" across the country

How that does not strike people as odd, is beyond me.

Honesty means a lot to me, as does loyalty, both things are very rare, both things can be detrimental to a person but its remaining resolute and consistent in character that defines who a person is, regardless of their flaws.

Their moral fibre, Integrity and Honour all stems back to their Honesty and Loyalty.

So when I choose a politician to support, I am a man of the people, not a man of the state, I will support those that mean to make life better for all people, not just those that use politics to line their pockets and seek agendas that are foreign to our Australian culture.

I understand that there are things in all societies that are not perfect, we work as societies to change that, we lobby for change, we contact politicians, they put the changes into motion if they can, when a government takes that right away from the people, restricts their rights to protest implemented changes, then the system we have is compromised and needs to be repaired.

How does anyone repair this?

We look to a vision that makes sense to the future of the country that returns these values to the people, that restores the freedoms we fight so hard to maintain, The ANZACS fought and died to keep a horrible enemy out, that enemy had the same intent as what's actually happening to Australia right neo, was that fight in vein?