Australian Freedom Part 2

Well, its getting to the point now where all walks of life are being consumed by this disgusting fear mongering ideology.

There is only so many lines of defence we, as free thinking and self aware people can take against this world wide attack on our freedoms by a corrupt and maligned United Nations regime.

I am opening my site to those that are NOT woke, those that are resisting this disgusting communist style ruling over people.

Friends, patriots, family, we need to fight to maintain these freedoms that are being taken, and by fight I mean tooth and nail, my platform is now open to forming groups, making contacts and planning a resistance.

Its simple, sign up to washroom Studio ( I own it 100%), go to groups, form one, invite your friends and chat, just the way you would on any other platform, only on here you will only be suspended if you're a lefty, or if you in any way support the ideologies of socialism or communism

I will be keeping membership free until we have defeated them, we can, we will, we just need to give people the faith that they are not alone, we need to tell the governments enforcing this disgusting rubbish, to get the United Nations OUT!!.. they are a financial Whorl and a dictatorship run by idealists that have no concept of western society whatsoever.

Washroom Studio are open and welcome to receiving videos, testimonials and all anti covid vaccine rhetoric, its our constitutional right, and they are the rights that many of us are willing to die to protect, Just as the ANZACS did.

So either stand up now, or shut the fuck up and join the gutless, its time to stand by your convictions if you want an end to this.

And any government fuck heads reading this, you had best accept this as being put on notice, you have had your fun, now you're threatening to poison my children, No different at all to a gas chamber in WW2 Europe, only the Gas chamber was a quicker death with no side effects.

But lets not forget what happened to those that were dealt with by Joseph Mengele, another medical experimentalist, he had a whole selection of "Vaccines" that he wanted to try on people as well..

If you have a spine, you cannot allow this horrific charade to continue.

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