Australia day 2022

Well firstly, I'd like to take this chance to apologise for the sudden departure from actively participating in political events and productions, this is not something that I have decided lightly, and quite frankly, its got nothing to do with any political party, or its members, and no, I have not been dragged over the, I am just fucking honest, for that, I will never apologise, I am not stopping my support, just focussing on my own music for a while, otherwise I will have nothing but political rhetoric representing my name as a musician, and I am more than that,

And I can do one better than that for the party but its not that cut and

Political rhetoric is all part of the roller coaster ride, has its ups, has its downs, some are slow and mundane, some are a thrill ride, some you're not allowed to get on, some have restrictions, some are just pure lame, there are many more types, but we will get to that, lets focus on how this effects washroom studio going forward.

Over the past 5 - 6 years, I have been working extremely hard with creating a brand for my name, not only Alan MacGregor as a musician, but washroom studio and now Washroom TV, its all media, its all my skill set, why the hell not put it to use and see what I can do with it right?

So if anyone is aware of how an artist's mind works, they will be able to follow this quite easily, for those that don't, they are not ignorant, they simply connect to the earth in a different way, where an artist may not be able to physically show or feel love, yet write a song that makes millions fall in love, the non artist could be the greatest lover of all time yet not even be able to finger paint and be tone deaf.

As an artist, I have a unique approach to politics, I like the truth, I have never in my life embarked on anything like this and its confusing drawing that fine line of where the artist ends and the politician begins, and its the same vice versa, and thats a bit much for me to try and balance at the moment.

Personally as an artist I feel terrible for swearing while doing a speech in front of 30 odd people and got frowns from some team mates, yet watched a politician do it in front of 100,000 people in Sydney and the place erupted giving him more support than he has ever had, so thats a line I can't balance, its something I don't understand, because if you want people to follow you, you must lead.

When my heart wants one thing and my mouth must do another, despite my mind knowing the difference, is not my idea of being a good and true man, what good am I in a world of lies, control and political correctness?, thats not who or what I am by any measure.


see a political leader needs to be more than that, above it, needs to step out and be noticed, recognized, respected and TRUE, fearless and compassionate, without that, then were just adding another fuckwit to position, another liar, another show pony for the media's idea of publicity.. fuck the media, I believe the media has got the entire world into this shit, I am no better by adding to it, propaganda thats just creating more anger and animosity is doing no one any favours, especially toward any balance of peace.

The time for such things is done, I don't think a majority of Australian people understand why there are protests happening, Its a strange thing as an artist to document, I write many songs about current events, religion, pollution, water shortages, starvation, racism and more, and I am called a radical right wing, Fascist, Anti Vaxxing, animal murdering, Homophobic, trump loving, bigoted, racist with Nazi Ideals, for simply saying no to a needle... yes thats right..."for simply saying no to a needle", oh not only that, as a singer, what is it going to be like trying to get a gig "unvaxxed"?, its not like I can wear a fucking face mask, is it?

The press push this nasty reputation on the minority of people that actually understand politics and the way things are supposed to work, there are a lot of people out there that have no idea, to converse with many people over a period of time, the politics they may understand is all the same media stories, the same rhetoric the same record played over and over.

I mean the thought process to manifest that a person is a Fascist for not wanting to conform to an oppressive dictation from an unknown entity is a true portrait of the enemy of democracy its self.

Politics isn't something most people like to talk about, and when you do start talking to them about it, it can overwhelm them, and it may come across as conspiracy theory, far fetched drunken gibbering, fanaticism, radicalism, yet a lot will simply slam it as they dont want to look in any way inferior, for not understanding politics as well as you do, will rally and bully in person the same way they do online, the Covid vaccine is a prime example of that.

There's so much the general public dont see, simply because they arent looking. although, some will argue and fight you to the death to prove a point that is a complete fabrication, yet they are 100% convinced, its real, again The Vaccine.

And this is why things are no longer "political", its gone way beyond that now, this is the very fabric of our constitution thats being attacked here, these state governments in this country will turn this nation into a dystopian nightmare if things are to continue the way they are, in all my life I have never given a shit about a persons vaccinations, why on earth would I want to now??, how long is it before Wuhan has another accident and we have a different virus, and then a different one??.. fuck off with your jabs..

2022 Australia day, I'm booked in at the Willigee Rugby club in Perth, it will be a debut of me playing in WA for real doing Originals, still working on the times, but the date is set and the tickets will be on sale soon... hopefully I can get a band together in that time or its the backing tracks, a band has so much more intensity and feeling.