Australian freedom Part 1

There comes a time when you need to break your silence, the world still revolves regardless of any persons words.

I have taken a deep look at the Agenda 21 and all the world wide events currently taking place that are systematically working toward this very frightening plan.

I invite you to watch this short video, part one of my series on Australian Freedom, I am not one to sit back and allow any tyrannical power to take my freedom, I was trained by the British army to kill such things, you don't just "forget".

What I fail to realize sometimes is that not everyone understands politics, I might rant on and people nod with glassed over eyes and I end up looking like a fanatical moron, hence why I will be doing this series this way, I am no fanatic, yet at the same time I am no chicken shit, this is basically the introduction.

People have suggested to me that I run for an electorate in politics, and thats something thats left to people that can lie and manipulate better than I can, I would become something below my own moral standards of life to become such a person in this country with this system thats 100% designed to fail.

The United Nations has that strong a hold on our government that its been forced to implement international restrictions on the people, international advice on the "pandemic", the whole damn thing has been planned for as long as I can remember, its all in black and white if you read the entirety of "Agenda 21".

If you are one of these people that think I am going to tolerate your opinions that Agenda 21 is not real, then I can only say that your ignorance is not my problem and I am not looking to argue, you either accept it or you don't, I dont give a damn either way. in this instance, stupid people are nothing but a hindrance and a waste of time.

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