Well I will admit, it has been the season of the Troll, from internet to phone, they are everywhere.

Now that the Elections are ramping up here in WA, I am getting ready for the political barrage of ideology being thrown around like tennis balls..

The fact that I support nationalism and individuality of race and culture sees people that don't, feel entitled to call me names and run me to the ground, Generally, these people cop a flogging.

So I'll get in first and let all know on the public blog that I am in no way a racist, Homophobic nor am I a bigot, I do have opinions on Race, Religion and Sexual orientation, but these things I do like to keep to myself, I will however voice my opinions on the law and call out those breaking it.

Now some may call me hypocritical, I don't care, my life journey is something only weaker people judge by the road taken, some of us have very little choice in the path we take and do the best we know how to walk it, who is anyone to judge that??.. sickens me that people do feel entitled to do so.

I was once a very violent man, I always felt backed into a corner by society, ever since I was separated from my children, I changed, I was no longer the man I set out to be, the father, the teacher, the stability, I had become everything I hated, and hated myself most of all for it.

Can you imagine what it's like having that rubbed in your face every day?, to me now, it's like water off a ducks back, I have forgotten how to be emotional, the only way I know how to express anything other than contempt for my fellow man's stupidity is through song and art, thats the only real link I have left to the ever changing "rules" of society.

So with that said, I don't think it really matters what I would think politically, someone out there is going to hate me for it anyway, I often question myself in How we all got this way, since when did everyone start delving into the business of others, since when was what people think, so important.

I would love to send you all the details of this complete fool that runs a semi successful online radio broadcasting outfit, it's woeful, has decided to do a piece on Alan MacGregor, as Alan told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't f%ck off that he would most likely belt him one in the mouth... Fair call I think.

But this yellow bellied, gutless sack of shit has had a cry to his online followers that Alan is some kind of Bully and Tyrannical warlord of Western Australia, responsible for the hate crime in our youth and future generations... Simply because Alan wouldn't mind knocking the pricks teeth down his throat... No one has taken any actual physical action, yet this clown is acting as if Alan has already removed his, quite honestly after what I have read and seen, the guy deserves everything he gets..

So what has everyone been up to on the public blog?, I have kept it pretty quiet for a while, being called names... sigh... I'll be okay haha

Now what about this Vaccine huh?, how many of you have been silly enough to take it?, I didn't, so my sperm will be on eBay for those looking for the good stuff haha, Just kidding, but nah

So with the "mandates" looking like ending soon, it seems that I can get back to my job of live entertaining after 2 and a half years in the studio going stir crazy, some pretty cool material has emerged and the live show all pre done on backing tracks, as most of my music is about Australia and freedom, it makes a lot of sense that I start performing at some of these rallies, the only reason I really don't want to, is the conflict of interest, I wouldn't want the music to be about me at an event like that, I would want the audience to feel it the way I do without being a show pony...

Cant create an atmosphere like that when theres so many other entertainers, I am sure many of them would feel the same way, all of us good in our own right as artists.

But what is the point of these protests and rallies anyway?, the whole idea to bring about change where the majority of people seem to be gathering all over the place instead of together, a reason I stood back, it was good to see a unity of colours, the political parties standing together as one with the people to make a noise... the momentum was good.

Then someone decided to start out on their own, giving the political parties a bad wrap, segregating them and dividing the crowd, My advice to those morons is that if it isn't broken, then don't bloody well fix it.

But this is a consistent thing I have found since moving to WA, that people cannot help but to interfere and meddle, so it makes a lot of sense when you add that to isolated little alpha males on power trips, generally out to impress women or to gain online popularity, yet all the women do the protesting, quite funny really haha.

Here is another song I wrote, I guess this would go off live, but it's hard to get an atmosphere with something like this when you have a hip hop artist and folk singer in the same line up, maybe with 2 stages that could work... I would love to arrange a mass concert in Perth on behalf of the Common Law Rights of the people, involving a few of the local assemblies.

I guess I could talk to some of the organizers of all the protests over a dinner, invite some prominent speakers and have a weekend on the lawn at the Supreme court gardens... I wonder what would be involved, what sponsors would back it and which local entertainers with any success levels would like to get involved..

So I got together with some friends over the past few months, done some serious learning of how things work, particularly when it comes to common law and acting upon the rights we all have.

Dale Priest, Cristina Oregioni and I worked around the clock to formulate a plan that can bring lots of people together that can restore the country to the way it's supposed to be, because even after the mandates are dropped, they government still have this power that needs to be removed from them and the original ideals of the country restored.

Now with these political ideologues flying their poison, it will be implied that I am advocating for the "White Australia policy" as that is a part of the original constitution, that should, and I would almost guarantee would be removed by national referendum almost instantly if we were to restore the government to the way it's meant to be.. If not there is a serious problem with the people of this country.

It's great to see so many people jumping on board, thank you for joining, We look forward to bringing you some awesome new content over the next month, don't forget to join or form a group, whatever interests you, just keep it legal haha.. Z Enjoy the songs,

Talk next week ..