Fight or Flight

Already, there are thousands of people leaving Australia, scared by the Australian government's response to the world wide pandemic.

I wonder why?, when this response is a world wide thing when it comes to mandated vaccines, Every country under the United Nations banner is being subjected to this nonsense.

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to tune into and see some of the politicians opposed to this nonsense finally speaking out, a Western Australian sitting MP, asking Australians to open their eyes to the actions of the Western Australian powers.

The McGowan Government are now making it severely difficult for smaller political parties to form and oppose them, not only by making it a financially crippling expense for even a small business to sponsor, its requiring membership numbers that are ridiculous.

People may be interested in, and support political parties, it doesn't mean they wish to put their names to it, are those people to be negated ?

when consideration of a political party for election should depend on the influence upon the people, not their registration and obligatory subjectification to the abuse that can come with such an affiliation from those with differing beliefs. A prime example is the way Trump and Biden supporters are at such odds, peoples political choices should be as confidential as their medical records.. Interesting time we live in, isn't it.

So this leaves people no options but to improvise and overcome, stop whining, focus and respond effectively.

What I would suggest is all these leaders in opposition to this assault on our democracy, getting together, having a dinner party and forming a set of policies between them, forming a coalition party, pulling on their individual strengths and influences, leading by example that by working together we can make a difference.

Western Australia is very unique in the way people respond to politics, The media is extremely biased toward the left, or the interests of the labor party at the moment, making it even more difficult to publicize a conservative party and bring the questions on all newsworthy publications answered form both sides as opposed to the one sided views we currently view. Newspapers, Television and Radio, none of them tell the truth or even ask the questions, they simply follow the script and enforce the narrative. People completely oblivious to it, ignorant to facts in order to accommodate feelings, not thinking of the consequences.

For example, when we look at different media sources, such as channel 7 and sky news, we wonder why Channel 7 doesn't ask the same questions as Sky news, when there are so many inconsistencies, these questions need to be answered instead of dismissed as conspiracy theories or politically motivated derogatory character labels.

Would Jana Wendt have just accepted any of this if she was still in reporting?, Would she investigate or look the other way?... what happened to that admirable and courageous integrity in journalism?

I am not singling out Channel 7, most "mainstream" media do it, I do see them attend a lot of events and edit the final publication to suit their agenda, an act thats completely against the number 1 rule in journalism.

"Report the facts as they happen, Not your own biased interpretation of them"

In Western Australia the main publications are never on the side of a conservative view, stands to reason seeing the advertising dollar is what drives the media industry and the governments contribution and influence on that is an insanely powerful motivator, business is business as far as they are concerned and if a biased view brings them a bigger amount in revenue without accountability for any damages, then why wouldn't they?.

Its almost like if I was to use balsa wood instead of hardwood to build a pergola, the product would look good, would get attention, but have absolutely zero integrity.

The sad thing is, that this influence upon people changes the dynamic of society, we as a species, being reliant on repetition, will adhere to the narrative most popularised, advertised or exploited.

One look at the premise of carbon dioxide being harmful to the planet being pushed by these same media sources shows the power of how easily people can be mislead, its been proven time and time again that the CO2 levels are rising as a result of the Earth its self heating up, a cycle, another repetition, information thats very easy to find if you're willing to look.

So I need to ask all of you reading, why do farmers have greenhouses?, what is the purpose they serve and why do we need to use them?, if CO2 is so detrimental, why do people not wear protective suits when entering these buildings?.