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I have been asked many times.. "What is Washroom Studio?" and I must say to be honest it was all started just to showcase my music, as Social media have algorithms that completely negate the hard work of artists and treat us like we are a pollution, paying less than 100th of the worth, I decided to fork out and make a platform that has a surprising amount of features.

I am inviting artists, Musicians and actors to showcase their work, they can start a group of their own, invite people and have them see the content without having to pay a disgusting amount of money weekly, however there will be minimal costs for membership to this site as of September 1st, Those with membership already will be given a life long subscription that never needs renewed as my way of saying thank you for your patience as we set this all up.

We have a groups section, where its interactive just like other platforms, Where we stand by peoples rights to Free speech, We will not tolerate bullying in any of its forms. Leftist ideology trying to manifest its self within my site will be swiftly and brutally dealt with, we have zero tolerance for that shit here.

As time goes, Washroom TV will be showcasing local businesses that are not "woke" and do the right thing by the constitution of our country, its not acceptable that people are being forced to do things against their will, that is NOT freedom, that is NOT what our country "Australia", represents, My decision on that is absolute.

In our groups we have political parties, These groups have particular permissions allowing a confidential and non censored "safe space" to communicate,

Washroom Studio does NOT take any responsibility for any of the activities or events that may be planned through these groups.

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