Freedom and its importance

As a lot of people that read my blogs are fully aware, I am not a stupid man, I don't relay bullshit and I am 100% against any restrictions of the freedoms entitled to all Australian people under the constitutional laws that are the foundations of our society.

When I look at the world today as an educated man I have so many questions as to why people have become so ignorant, stupid and self loathing.

Well the answer to it all is Politics, Grubby, smearing, disgusting politicians with power over the media. For example, the whole Climate change Ideal is a load of horse shit, as is Covid 19 and its subsequent variants, all manifested to cause fear in exchange for money and popularity.

So what happens when all these politicians have taken their fight away from the floor of proper parliament?, what happens when they are no longer playing by the rules they are supposed to and they use the police force to maintain a Tyrannical order thats completely against the rules??.. what do we do?.

Government over reach is nothing new to the world, William Wallace fought to maintain the rights of his countrymen at the tip of a sword, The entire world united to topple the German Nazi party, what difference is this tyrannical enterprise being pushed by the United Nations and those politicians subordinate to them?

For many years the Human race has survived without the political lies and manifestations of those desiring to manipulate and control the human race as a whole, they can get fucked, and I, for one will fight to the death before that happens.

Lets have a look at the hypocrisy and rubbish that these idiots are expecting rationally minded people to believe.

  1. If there is a Pandemic all countries should stop all travel in and out, this did not happen yet the people of Australia cannot leave their respective state??.. I have a huge and resounding GO AND FUCK YOURSELF, to any and all that THINK they have this "power", no one does.. no one ever will and that includes Mark McGowan, Dan Andrews, that fat bitch from Queensland and the Scomo tosser, all of them criminals, all of them needing to be on the end of a rope, this will happen in my life time, I dedicate my life to it.

  2. Why are Doctors being instructed not to "tell the truth" under threat of a license?, what need does a Doctor have for a license in the first place?, a qualification is a qualification, the government does NOT dictate who is and who is not a Doctor, yet, the stupid people say nothing and comply.

  3. What on earth makes any of these idiots think they have the right to order any mandates?, no government is "responsible" for your health, what the hell makes any dick head think that this is the case?, do you run to Mark McGowan with a case of the squirts?, Hep B?, Hep C or even Cancer??.. NO you don't so why is this "pandemic" so different?.

  4. why do none of the facts line up?, why does a Viral infection, thats stated to mutate on every transmission from person to person have any sort of definitive Vaccine, when the variant cannot possibly be measured to equate any kind of cure?

  5. People speaking out about the lies on social media are being silenced, their posts removed and suspensions being handed out left right and centre and now governments are following the social media lead and doing the same thing to independent media outlets and enforcing the mainstream media to lie to the public, why would anything like that "need" to happen?

  6. The investigations into the origin of this so called virus have been a complete farce and evidently the "medical advice" is coming from the same incompetent people that could not even warn the world or hold those supposedly responsible for the creation and spread of this virus to account.

  7. Why would any government try to force a mandate of something thats proven to kill people?, something thats banned in one country because of the dangers is now to be administered to the children of Australia, I have news for any politicians in this country, and that is, they hurt my children I will hunt them down and gut them like a fucking pig, thats an ultimatum, not a threat.

There are more and we will get to that, But isn't it interesting that so many dumb people will simply follow the media narrative as if its gospel, I would say that many of these people have little to no understanding of politics or the actuality of the the world around them.

I used to think it was a political thing, I was always under the impression that there was the left and right side of politics, one thats conservative and one thats progressive, its a strange thing to see the left now portraying the rhetoric of the NAZI, which is the complete opposite of what they are supposed to represent, its even stranger when I see these people that promote these ideals call themselves ANTIFA (Anti Fascists), yet they are indeed the most Fascist of them all.

I remember when this "pandemic" first raised its head, I had just watched a documentary featuring "Rosa Koire", may she rest in peace, and she explained the way the United Nations has been systematically implementing programs over the past 40 years in all western countries designed to manipulate the populations into a manageable workforce, subservient to them, answerable to them and under their complete control, many have said this is a conspiracy theory... Its no theory, the proof is in the pudding, a world wide "state of emergency" has been planned since 1972, the purpose of the state of emergency is to over ride the constitutional rights of the nations people, take away their voice and force them into compliance. This is that part we are currently at.

What do you really think the Covid Vaccine is?, I mean I have already pointed out that its a poison, its already been proven to kill people, including children, its making people sick, its altering peoples immune system, man is in fact playing god. If this Vaccine actually served a positive purpose for mankind then it would not have the controversy attached would it?, ie look at the flu shot, Measles, Hep A and B, no one bats an eye lid at those, as they don't kill people, what government knowingly kills their own people?... Certainly not a Judeo Christian one, this we would expect from countries that do not have a constitution based on the 10 Commandments themselves, countries with tyrannical dictators and war lords, not our Australia.

So now in 2021, we have an ugly regime that is doing the exact same thing as Hitler by implementing rules on people, forcing them to comply, literally making the human race its self play Russian roulette with their health, not thinking of the mass unpredictable susceptibility they have caused for future health issues, they have in fact created a variant called "OMICRON", where people that have had this vaccine are now in more fear, where the unvaccinated are still as healthy as ever.

I am trying to keep the blogs a little shorter.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you are being affected by this United Nations attack on our people.

Continued Part 2