My entire life, I have had a problem with authority, not so much in the way of compliance, but understanding, I have always needed to know the "reasons" behind anything and pretty much everything, it helps me process my functionality and prepare for the next step.

So for example, if I was on a bricking job as an apprentice and a tradesman needed something, I would make it my mission to understand why it was needed, and this has been a principle I have applied to my whole life, being in the music industry on and off, I have seen the drug world, seen the prostitution world, violence, organized crime and a lot of the things that "keep in the dark" so to speak, and throughout all of it, I have been accountable for the choices I have made and never in my life have I passed the buck or grassed anyone up. in fact I have gone to prison for a crime I did not even commit, just to save that persons record, to me Honour, loyalty and trust is everything, without that, a man is nothing at all but a parasite upon humanity.

So for almost 20 years I have been on this Facebook platform, I used to be a popular myspace user, my music was well promoted and I would bring plenty of people to mu gigs, I had a common fan base of approx. 20 - 30,000 people world wide, I have travelled and networked for a long time.

So when Facebook came along, I, like many others was drawn to it, as a musician, I was Lured by the talk of being able to contact more people than Myspace, Bebo and Paltalk put together and all I had to do was sign up, so I did, and it was a lot of fun, there was an interactive wall like no other, we could share our music and get plenty of hits, likes and above all, fans, this was ideal, and then "pages" was introduced, A person could launch a page on Facebook, invite all their friends and that would be your "exclusive" web page to promote your product, this went very well for a while.

Then a few years ago, I had a following of approx. 380,000 on my music page, about 100,000 on my producer page, my music group had people from all over the world, not sure how many were in it, it was extremely successful for a few years, then someone had this bright idea of "community standards", this magnificent concept of taking away the fundamentals of the platform, the premise of connecting with friends and family, and turned it into some socialist rule book that people must adhere to, a website where if you say the wrong thing to someone you don't even know, they can report you for it, and get you suspended, because they, a tiny minority, that you have no inclination of offending, gets upset at your views.. regardless of the fact that the exact same posts are elsewhere on the platform... I don't see how that makes any sense whatsoever... anyway...

So over the years, I was an alcoholic that manifested some fantastical gibberage, rather than annoy people at home or face to face, I would get online, rant and that would be the end of it, didn't care for the thoughts of others, The platform had many people that done the same thing.

About 3 years ago, I was getting suspended over and over again, the account I had for almost 15 years with all these pages and groups attached to it was closed down, due to content I had posted over a decade prior, in doing this, they essentially stole my client base, as the pages no longer had any source to run them, so they were closed, those almost half a million people that I brought to this platform now becoming the client base of Facebook, I don't know how that is not illegal.

So now the same disgusting platform is censoring people, and I am not talking about militant, angry or fanatical people, I am talking about people with opposing views to a world wide government narrative, essentially, all countries under the UN umbrella are "not allowed" to oppose the directive without some kind of repercussion, to them, I say a resounding and heart felt "fuck off".

Yes I still have a profile and small music page on that platform, of course, I am suspended more often than not, I posted a picture of Joseph Goebbels, a prominent part of history, whether the man was a monster or not, does not dictate the level of education people should receive about the changes he made to society, lessons ignored are ignorance repeated, why would a platform such as Facebook, ban all literature pertaining to such education?, their excuse is that I apparently posted a picture of a Quote - "dangerous Person".

Now to me thats a relative term and cannot have a justifiable limitation of determination of the fact, so how can anyone at Facebook have any consistent "meaning" or "definition" to what that is?, To me Joe Biden, Mark McGowan, Dan Andrews and Claus Schwab are among the most dangerous people on earth, where as a lefty would say that Donald Trump is the most evil man that ever lived, how can anyone deem a "dead person" as dangerous?, how does that work?.

On the same day, I was still scrolling the wall and there were people sharing the upcoming movies on Netflix, a movie about Ted Bundy, an actual picture of him in full view, so I decided to report it, and somehow, that was "NOT" against community standards at all, so I am perplexed as to how a picture of a dead man responsible for the main propaganda used in mainstream advertising is deemed as a Dangerous individual,

Where as Ted Bundy, convicted and executed serial Killer, was not.. How can anyone justify that to me?.

Matters not the scale of the death these people are responsible for, The main focus is their mental health, what lead them to their actions, why it happened and how do we prevent such things happening again.

When a social media platform decides its going to play "government" with the people by applying a set indoctrination that negates the truth while feeding propaganda, then it is no longer social media, its a brainwashing factory, I mean when people post news highlights of "protests", are they not "dangerous people"?, according to the law, or is "dangerous person" at the discretion of some brainless idiot thats ignorant to the culture of the country hosting their overly sensitive platform?

So with that kind of nonsense and "tyrannical" dictatorship of free speech, I have decided to give it a miss, concentrating on my own platform, this one, it has chat, it has groups, it has a blog, what more does one need other than people to join, I even have a dating group ffs, its empty of course hahaha