This is another part of Washroom studio that were currently working on and thats for contributors, if you have a trade or skill that you'd like to do tutorials and training courses for people on, then by all means we want to hear from you, things such as household repairs, life hacks, simple car maintenance, make up, filming, song writing or even simple hobbies, we are always on the lookout for material to share on washroom TV, send it to admin@washroomstudio.com, we will let you know if its accepted, make sure you send all contact details and links so we can promote you properly, thats relaunching in December.

As a musician, I find it extremely depressing when you have a friend list of over 4000 people, and pages of 1200 on Facebook, you share your content and its only seen by a hand full over a week, I am quite a strong willed individual, so I can only imagine the detrimental effects this would have on someone not as strong, I have friends that have quit the industry as a result, claiming that its all too hard and unrewarding. The Challenges presented online, I find are the same as the ones presented offline, you are either "in the club", or you are not.

Funny that though isn't it, when we look at the social standing of a musician, when someone asks me "what do you do for a living", I tell them I write music, they then look at me as if I am a diseased rat, as if my profession is of lesser importance than a person that must apply a different skill set. Their face and complete attitude changes when I inform them that I also have two trades under my belt, I am in the music industry by choice, not by obligation, many people are in that same boat, ignored and treated as second rate, I can imagine for some that would take the ultimate toll, again it all comes back to "little clubs" doesn't it?

And thats my next gripe with social media platforms, for some reason, people feel they need to rely on the services of these giants in order to get anywhere, where in fact, they regulate any chance of success you may have, this is evident, people are obviously targeted due to their beliefs, religion, skin colour and content, its disgusting the amount of control this takes over human life, so many are reliant on social media as a hub of information that you see them walking around with their faces in a phone almost for the entire day, have a look next time you are out and about, how many people have their faces in phones, the majority of them are on a social media platform of some kind, thats a lot of power to hold over a community, thats a massive outlet for propaganda, specifically government initiatives, pushed by the media through these platforms, People are so out of touch with reality that they will chose a meme over a fact, a politician over a doctor, enslavement over freedom, theres an entire generation of human beings that do not know how to communicate without an electronic device and this... is disturbing.

So an initiative we will be launching in 2022 is "switch off the system" day, a day where people can get together, leave their phones, smart watches, pads and communication devices at home, obviously there will be power onsite for bands and stalls, just no internet whatsoever, but a day where people connect as people is something thats been missing, it seems were all governmental drones at the moment fighting for our space and place in the world, that needs to stop, we all need to relax, look around and stop taking the good things for granted while filling our heads with social media induced rhetoric.

Below is a song that reflects that, a bit of a kick back acoustic song, I don't write songs for the commercial value, I write songs because the catch the feel of what I am trying to say

Any musician will tell you, that album sales, personally make you nothing unless you do it yourself, theres always someone wanting a piece of the action, the only way to really engage with fans and give them their moneys worth is to get out there on stage and take your music to them, I have been in the recording game a Bloody long time, analogue and Digital, and with new technology, one does not need talent in this day and age to be the next big thing, all one needs do is have the right "look" and social attributes, talent its self has nothing to do with it, as I pointed out in Part one, Repetition plays its part quite literally, the more people are subjected to it, the more they will accept it as the norm.

I could go get a loan and spend 1m on a 6 month advertising campaign that would no doubt pull me 20m in revenue, if the marketing is done right and applied using the "Goebbels method", then human nature will dictate the outcome of the campaign wont it?, just like a viral pandemic, religious rhetoric, climate change, soft drink or brand of car, the more people see it.

Believers and fans will follow the narrative thats spoon fed to them, whether it be music, politics, science or mathematics, its the basic human principal of learning, ever since being in a class room, we are taught to listen to a leader as a group, there is occasionally that "non conformist" child, thats deemed a trouble maker or an upstart, they generally get bored easily as they learn faster, or they have better prior understanding of a teachers lesson, does that necessarily mean that child should be disciplined as if they have done wrong?, to their understanding, they have done no wrong at all, the lesson they learn, is not the one the teacher intended, instead the lesson they learn is "conform or else".

So when parental guidance meets this schooling mentality, does the child continue along the path of family or school conformity?, does that depend on the culture of that person?, what if that person is an immigrant being introduced to a completely different culture, does that person negate their traditional culture and adopt this conformity as a part of their life going forward?, if the family has a higher standard of education to that of a school and parents reinforce this education, would it not stand to reason that the school should conform to the wishes of the parent instead of confusing, alienating and belittling the child that could lead to severe depression issues later in life?.

Sadly, this has never been the case in Australia, and we have watched a rapid decline in the educational standards, and thats not to say anything negative toward the teachers, its the system of which they must abide, its disgusting and going backwards, very quickly, the long term effects of this are starting to show, through ignorance, crime rise, domestic violence, youth suicide, political advocacy and lack of common sense, this is a bigger pandemic than any flu the world has ever seen.

Instead of