Listen to the World - Alan MacGregor

So... what do I write about this then, I guess thats the first thought anyone would have listening to this song, as it has multiple meanings.

Many of us have kids and many of us are big kids ourselves and when I am looking at the world today, theres a major communication breakdown, despite the communications being exemplary in terms of people connecting, no one can actually understand each other, machines used to communicate do not have humility or expression of any kind, leaving interpretation between people up to the rules of people that run companies, companies that make money and it now seems that people mistake this type of communication for real life.

As a young fella growing up, I was very inquisitive about many things, I love to learn, and there was no internet, the way of communicating was either face to face, letter or by telephone, people had a completely different understanding of each other, a different respect for each other, and the world was a far less volatile place.

Politicians were politicians and left to do their jobs, now it seems like everyone thinks they are a politician, demanding facts, abusing people and running each other down over arguments that should be behind closed doors.

This song is inspired by my thoughts when looking at the things I see young people write on social media and when I see the public conduct of them now in comparison to when I was a child, how educational standards have slipped into a form of indoctrinating of political issues such as climate change and transgenderism, these things do not benefit children.

Our children need to be learning the sciences, how to challenge them and better the world, not complain about the state its in, Children need to learn about biology, the human reproductive system so they can become midwifes and doctors, not wondering why they "feel different", feelings are based from home, not from a text book.

But this doesn't resonate with people so politically blinded, to these people its either "left or right", its almost like two separate football clubs with a beef, although this is all manifested by these same communication outlets and manipulated to cause this division and frustration between people.

If a person advocates against Transgenderism being taught in schools, their name is dragged through the coals and they are named things like a homophobe or right wing nut job, despite the person's political beliefs, they are tarnished with this brush, and the mentality I have seen first hand is "right wing means NAZI", on many attempts at online communications ie Fartbook or shitter I am subjected to this.

Another fine example is BLM (Black lives Matter) movement, at first I agreed with some of the sentiments and then it turned into a white hate group, to me thats an irony within its self, again, I am not political in my thoughts, yet, that would have me tarnished with the "Right wing, Racist Bigot NAZI" label, that would be sent through this entire communication network and tarnish my career, as there is no filter, there is no humanity, there is no emotional involvement, there is no confirmation, no fact checking, no second opinions, just destroyed without remorse.

This has happened to me twice.

I dont blame the people of the world, I wish peace on all right up until I am attacked by ideology that I am uncomfortable with, I am not asking anyone to change their lives, I am not asking anyone to switch off computers, phones, pads and TV's, not asking people to change their sexual preference, beliefs or even their underwear.

All I am asking is that people listen to the world.

Alan MacGregor

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