Love songs

Love songs, Like them or loathe them, they are a part of the music world, from massive epics from the likes of Celine Dion or the timeless classics like U2's "with or without you", finding a "place to fit", isn't easy.

So with all this political stuff going on, its nice to get into the studio and produce something thats a little more positive, a little more uplifting you could say, lately, I have been concentrating on an album with music similar to this song you are now listening to, focusing on the guitar and vocals rather than the bells and whistles.

Vocal versatility has always been a key factor in my song writing, I try to mix it up so that my songs don't all sound the same, a trap I have seen many artists fall into, the different styles are not essentially how they are performed live, I have a completely unique style when it comes to that.

Harmonies play a huge roll in most of the songs I write, this makes the live performance hard for me as to perform the songs acoustically. although they sound good, they don't have the same impact as they do with the backing.

This song, "After the rain", was one of the first songs I self produced using a PC sitting in a Laundry, and as with all my songs it builds to a huge ending, the idea to leave listeners wanting more, Obviously my production and recording skills have since gotten a lot better since recording this.

A few more of this style on the way :)

- Alan MacGregor.

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