Not this time. - Part 1.

Oh where to start on this one, When the term "I have had a gut full" becomes your daily routine, the black dog takes a hold like a drug, you don't even realize that you are in it's clutches.

Everyone around you walking on eggshells and you feel like shit.

When a lot happens in a short space of time, the answers you look for are an emotional mess, so theres the different ways people deal with it.

Their depression, their grieving, their outright anger, the celebrations, the hard work, the negative feedback and the clones that constantly attack you online and throughout society, the relentless stress of a world thats changing into what we watched as horror movies as children, The things we were warned about becoming reality right before our eyes.

How do we tell society that this is the way it is for us Generation X people?

Our world was nowhere near as "make believe" as the Generations are becoming as they progress.

These younger generations have been so mislead and it's actually heartbreaking to see

It's almost as if the people of the world have changed channel, gone from the documentary to the fantasy channel and view their perspective upon that as a reality we all have to accept, as delusional as it may be.

I see it in children, generational education has affected them greatly.

When we look at how that affects the family unit and the peer groups of our society it's terrifying to see just How far things are twisted back to front and inside out, how ideology and politics have replaced pleasantries and mate ship, how the children have little respect for adults and wisdom, how there is a massive drug problem, why the suicide rates are so high, why the mental health system is getting clogged more and more by the day.

We look for the common denominator in all rational thought, the simple "what do all these cases and statistics have in common" angle.

It's not hard to see that there has been a systematic removal of fathers from the lives of their children, its a huge statistic..

The Family law court is disgusting, and illegal, no one person can be unbiased, so how can a judge make a ruling in such a court?

They simply cannot, hence why Family law court orders aren't worth a pinch of shit, they are null and void and in direct contradiction of the Australian constitution, squashed in the supreme court and most certainly destroyed by a jury of 12.

These courts can never see or know the full value of a case, it's impossible, how can a whole life be told to a court and be 100% irrefutable?, it's impossible, when we look at character references used for custody and criminal records, they don't mention or give merit to the "hear say" elements of any story, and....

Thats all the family law court really is, at the end of the day, a battle of "he said, she said".. the cubs suffer the most.

Bitter break ups can come in all forms, when you have an Alpha that's simply walked away from a pack for the better outcome in the long run, the stories manifest about him from within the "new" pack, toward the cubs, matters not the reasons for the breakup, the outcome is always the same.