Over the cliff

The world has broken its promise and changes are bringing war, people of all ages arguing politics like its their own.

How did this happen, how did we all become so weak?, our endeavours have forsaken us, our fortunes have corrupted us and our world has been taken from us.

It's a hard question to answer whether the sword of the righteous is the right thing for the many.

What is freedom, we older generations have sytematically watched the removal of it, so much that now the newer generations have little idea of what it actually is.

Generation x myself i have watched the introduction of mainstream computers and how they have impacted society, firstly with games and spreadsheet, onto emails and chat then onto social media, the question is... whats next.

When we see the introductions of SMART devices and automated AI appliances, the toll that these things have taken on the employment and skills to be passed down.

I can only wonder how long it will be until there is nothing left

Brings me back to freedom, I mean what happens if you dont want to be a part of someone elses system, when you are an individual thinker and self provider?

When you want your own skills, your own choices,, your own rules, when you believe any person abiding by the LAW is able to pretty much do as they please under the confines of it.

There are now those that believe freedom is getting off social media for a quick walk to the toilet and back.

And no I am not kidding.

Ask yourself what freedom means, then look at your generation, see where it fits on the demise.

This wheel has been turning a long time, it fooled us all and it's headed right over a cliff.


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