Well, I don't mind getting on here and saying the things that need to be said, Many have asked me to go into politics and represent a party...

I have been thinking long and hard about that concept, "belonging to the party", "standing by the ideals of the party", how is that any better than the shit we already have?, when one party is just as "constricted" one could say as the other?..

Nothing against the parties themselves, but fuck them all.. I mean really?, why on earth would any politician in any political party not just simply adhere to the constitution of the country and do their best to implement policies that benefit the people?, instead they must be left wing, right wing, Chicken wing and bloody Bat wing... all these rules of decorum and self "control" as to not break the "party" rules...

Well its like this, I support a party, that gives them no right to tell me, my business or otherwise how to conduct its self, otherwise they are no better than making me force mandates right??.. what's the difference?, and thankfully this one doesn't, however there is an element, a general element as found in all group situations that cannot see the forest for the trees, and so many want to sit at the top of the tree, So many in fact, that its bent all the way to the ground.. That MUST change..

"Rules" that define something other than the laws of the land are irrelevant to me, internal politics, petty squabble and backstabbing are so far below me I find it childish and pathetic.

I give this support as I believe in the leader of the party, I believe in the policies, I do not believe in any of the shit that comes with it, the supposed rhetoric, the maligned media and the "discrimination".

Imagine being in the music industry over the last 5 years and all this ideological attack has been unfolding over our society and keeping like a musical journal of it all, then wanting to display it to the public as a show of your life's work, however the politics you believe in are under attack although you have never weaponized your political beliefs, you are attacked daily in every aspect of your life for them, unprovoked, out of the blue.

It brings you to a point in your life where you have to make a stand, one way or the other, do you bow to all this political ideology or do you think for yourself and look for the common sense among all the policies involved, tell them all they are morons and find the right path that is meant to be laid out for my future, not what some jumped up little lego man from Rockingham thinks it should be, that wanker and his party of bullies can take a fair flying jump to themselves, they answer to the same thing I do, I do not "SERVE" Mark McGowan, his police force, his Judges, Lawyers, Nurses, Shop owners, not a single one of them. So therefore he can root my fucking boot.

I see this next federal election as that much of a farce and absolute display of human stupidity it makes me chuckle...

Its not about politics or what's good for the people its all about who gets the more air time and wins the slagging match, like watching sale of the century bidding for the most popular player, not essentially the smartest.

Common sense left this country a long time ago.. this is very clear, how McGowan, Andrews and that Fat Mole from Queensland got elected is a definite indication, these same idiots driving cars alone with masks on, I wonder if they wear condoms to bed alone to. Thats the mentality of these stupid people.

These complete idiots will maintain that the risk of something statistically incorrect, maligned, corrupted, orchestrated and deliberately misleading should cancel absolute fact, they also believe, those that speak truth and fact should be silenced, classed as dissent, abused, ostracized, shunned and beaten into obscurity to allow the fear narrative to continue, deep down these people feed on the fear like fleas to a dog or flies on a fresh turd, they are that pathetic and ignored in society normally that this gives them the only sense of importance they have ever had. Truly piss weak, pathetic and selfish minded people.

I mean lets look closer, these same people that support this mandate rubbish also support BLM, Gender equality and Multiculturalism without borders, yet they feel they have some fundamental right to discriminate against a person due to their medical choices?, at what point at all is that in anyway related to the policies of the country and people going forward?...

At what point is that any different to saying we don't want Muslims here because they have terrorists among them??.. what's the difference???..

Why is one a clearly bad and shunned bigotry and the other is not?, who gets to decide where that line is drawn?,

No one Judge can even make a ruling in this country without consent, its illegal and biased, so who is the person of moral calibre that decides that line?, Mark McGowan??. the police chief?, the Army??.. NO THANK YOU..

The answer is "WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE"... and enough is enough...

Wake up you absolute deadbeat clowns...wake your friends family, dont be nice about it, why would you?, hold them ALL to account for their stupidity call them out for their hypocrisy, call them out for their lack of courage and love for their fellow Australian, Call them out as the fucking arseholes that they are.

Alan MacGregor. (Uninfected)