As a business owner people spend years building a trusted relationship with the public, a clear and definite exchange of rules and decorum between them that brings trust, continued business and reputation throughout the community.

Over the years as a Scottish Immigrant, I have had to adhere to laws and changes as a part of the conditions of being a resident and citizen, although the law and I have not always agreed, the mistakes made have been well and truly paid for in many ways.

So what happens when these rules all of a sudden change?, when I have lived this life of adherence and it all does a back flip almost overnight?.

I have gone from learning how to adapt to a culture, to fit in and survive, only to find that it hates it's self and that my whole life has been a lie??... betrayal much???.. so I look for answers...

The fundamentals I had to learn have not changed, yet the government has, When I came here I understood that we are all the same commonwealth, the basics of the magna Carta and Human rights laws are the same...

Now I am no innocent man, I have hurt people and not proud of that at all, ashamed of it actually, I done my time, accepted the full weight of the law for my wrong doings as is required of me. Always owning my mistakes, never passing the buck or lieing to the court, I have even been wrongfully imprisoned.

When I look at these sacrifices I have made, learning the Australian "ways", the customs, the cultural integrations, the communications and slang, the spirit of the people, the indigenous history and wonder, the geographical significance, the native flora and fauna, the climate and all there is about a completely foreign place, you take a lot more notice than those that take it for granted.

My father is a very clever man, his attention to bringing my brother and I up to understand why we would not move to countries with different values resonated with us, as we had friends from India, most of Europe, Pakistan, Africa, America, Canada and Egypt, but no one from Australia, so we would hear all these stories about these places and Australia was all snakes, spiders and man eating crocodiles living under your bed..

So for my parents, that was a hard sell to an 8 year old kid that only knew Scottish culture, communication, language and education.

So from that age onward, I have had to study Australia, not just to keep up with the laws to stay out of trouble, but the language, the communications the culture and education... every day I must do this, understanding that my native education is the only consistency in my life right now..

When shop owners are now turning on me, asking for proof of a vaccine, I have to ask myself, do I stick to what I have learned about the law, and remind these people that they are breaking it, or do I submit to a treasonous government order to keep certain people happy?.

Now as a man bound to "follow the rules" a lot more than those that are born here and / or those that are native to here, I must be wary on how those rules are interpreted, I have had to do so since I was 8 years old..

So where do I stand in all of this?

I mean... I am accused of being something I am not because I refuse an experimental vaccine that has death as a known side effect

I am accused of being something I am not because I disagree with transgenderism being taught in schools

I am accused of being something I am not because I look at all sides of a story when presented with it for example, climate change and green energy.

I am accused of being something I am not because I despise racial violence and the idea that people keep relating racism to skin colour

I am accused of being something I am not because I stand by the only thing this country has ever asked me to, the constitution and the law.

I am accused of being something I am not every single day for so many reasons its confusing, upsetting, angering and provoking.

It's when you see a shop keeper forget why they run a shop or a doctor forget why they help people, the police hiding their faces and the politicians running away from the people, you have to ask yourself..

How am I in the wrong?...
Why do more people not see this?...
How far will it go?....
Has history taught us nothing?.

- Alan MacGregor.