Standing for what is right.

Well, We attended the freedom rally in Perth on the 18th of September and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect, It was surprising, there were people from all walks of life walking side by side, all sides of politics, religion, all their differences put to the side in solidarity for freedom of choice and an end to this immunisation madness.

The state premier claimed it was a bunch of "right wing people causing trouble", well, I beg to differ on that one, it seemed to me that for the people marching; the simplicity of politicising the views is nothing short of dismissive and immature, this was about the right to privacy, the right to say no, the right to remind the government just who they work for and who foolishly put them into the position they are in.

This is where the problem comes from, when we see the Union in Victoria claiming the same "right wing" hostility, how does a group of angry workers that have paid their dues to be protected from such things, all of a sudden become "right wing extremists"? , thats just madness, Having worked in the trades for most of my life, I understand, quite well why every person attending is there.

So, if anyone disagrees with anything the government does, is that now "right wing"?, not only, are people "unvaxxed" they are now right wing as a result?.. thats crazy, I know plenty of "right wing" people that have gone ahead and received this new immunisation, thats their choice, who am I to question it?, who is anyone to question it?

Ignorance will never prevail, the longer people keep their eyes closed to the reality, the harder its going to be to get our lives back to the way they should be.

Some people go through life, never learning from the mistakes of their past, this includes the people with no concept of how certain powers were able to manipulate their way into good societies and manifest them into an evil that eventually needed to be stopped.

Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

In all honesty, I never wanted to get into politics, its boring as bat shit and everyone is an expert in this or that, there is red tape, hurdles, opposition, stress, people expose your life, threaten your family, a mountain of pressure and sometimes its a whole lot of work, just to be laughed at and mocked. But the minute I heard about the "world wide pandemic", the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, considering I read about all this over 20 years ago, in fact I was warned, but like the people of today that haven't yet opened their eyes, I too scoffed at the idea, I'm not scoffing now, I am scared for the future of my children and grandchildren, It horrifies me to think I have brought them into a life of slavery and no hope, terrifies me beyond anything else in this world actually.

Regardless of peoples "feelings" on the matter, the reality is, that we are a western country, our ideals of freedom exist to protect each and every one of us from foreign influence that means to do us harm. The way I see it, thats exactly what's happening.

I look at places like America, Europe, Africa and many more complying to a "passport".

When was the last time such a thing happened?, when was the last time we, as Australians were told what to do?..

Why is the state premier not fighting this rather than welcoming it?, why is the state premier taking the directive of a foreign power over that of the leader of the country?, that foreign power is not one nationality, but a union of them that have decided our future for us, what is it going to take for people to see what the cost of ignorance is?

Why is the state premier avoiding, bad mouthing and condemning all opposition to his power and changing the voting system?, I know another leader that done that once...

Is this why someone would have conveyed this persons likeness to Adolph Hitler?, who knows!, like I said there were many people from "all walks of life", accepted for their differences

Why must all these changes be implemented during a pandemic? does a "state of emergency" only exist to be enforced upon the people?, or to keep them safe?.

Sadly, when people are opening their eyes they are filled with tears of horror, tears of loss, tears of absolute devastation, police attacking people, rounding them up like cattle, and all for what?, a person standing by the laws they always have?.

Industry after industry is coming under attack and scrutiny, those in refusal of sharing their Immunisation status being shunned and insulted, their freedom stripped, their constitutional right to a free and prosperous life gone in an instant, because they are abiding by the constitutional right afforded to them?, so what are we swearing an allegiance to when we become citizens of Australia?

What kind of moral fibre would I be to find that, in any way acceptable?, how can that be allowed to happen?, when a part of signing that allegiance is to defend the constitution and be loyal to it, what is a good "Australian" supposed to do?

Are we to be labelled as extremists for simply standing by the things were supposed to?, what kind of Australia is that?, what has happened, that people can no longer look each other in the eye and simply say g'day?

So when I look at the health professionals, the fire fighters, the paramedics, the people I really admire for the work, the selflessness and dedication they have towards others, it breaks my heart to see them backed into a corner, these are the people that hold wounds closed, transfer blood, assist with the first moments of almost every persons life and keep you alive throughout the course of it,

If I was so inclined, would I, as a father have the rights to deny consent for my children to receive this immunisation?, sadly the answer to that is no.

As a kid, I was horrifically bullied, both in Scotland and Australia, I used to blame