Well its been a while since the last blog, and a lot has happened to Australia, in almost every city there are protests of the likes the country has never seen, we have a state premier with the worst tyrannical reputation of any western leader trying to increase those powers, and a few other states that seem to be looking to follow suit, these increases in government power are truly a concern.

The first question I have is, why, in the most locked down city in the world was there the most deaths from this supposed virus, why is no one accountable for these 800 + Australian souls?

I don't care what side of politics anyone is on, thats just wrong, when we consider the amount of hype around Vaccines and such. Personally I feel that the United Nations can stick this whole concept up their arse, I'm not interested, and I, as an Australian have rights to tell these people "no"

So that brings me to the Australian constitution debate.. where some people are lead to believe that our constitution isn't worth the paper its written on, well, I have news for those fools and its all bad.

See, to kick us off, I will explain the constitution in simple terms.

You're building a house, the first thing you make is the foundation, a solid concrete block that supports the entire structure, everything thats built on that foundation must adhere to and remain within the limitations of it.


The government is the building its self, structured by engineers that are meant to adhere to the limitations of the foundation, they modify, renovate, beautify and furnish.

The people occupy the house, abiding by the rules and confines of the building, using the furniture, rooms and facilities at a price.

But here's where it gets tricky.. The people decide what the foundation is to be, only the people can change the foundation, the government has no control whatsoever over it, the foundation governs the building.

So what we have in Australia, is a set of governments extending the building beyond the parameters of the foundation, creating an instability, as these parts they are building have no foundation, they have no "approval" of the people to build, therefore, the foundation forms cracks, starts to become compromised.

The government lies to the people , "Telling" them that they will change the foundation to maintain the changes...

But when the people don't like or approve of these changes, the government keeps them secret and deals with it underhandedly, for example, if people are to oppose proposed changes to this foundation, they need to be made aware of the application, when they are not and only a certain amount of people are privy to such information, via small publications in newspapers that are rarely read.

So when the foundation becomes compromised, and the people are not there to repair it, the instability makes it crumble, break and in need of urgent repair, the building becomes unsafe for the people, the government take no responsibility and the people are the ones that suffer, however its only the very same people that can work together to repair it.

So that is who these protesters are, they have recognised the cracks in the foundation, and many of them want to repair it before the building becomes a danger to those within it.


Now that I have roughly explained the constitution, lets look at the governments response to the people, the first thing I noticed is the amount of politicians claiming "right wing extremism", now I dont see any brown shirts, I dont see coloured people being hurt, I don't see religious persecution, I don't see any "extremism" at all, all I see are people making their feelings felt on government issues, as is their right.

The latest attack on our foundation has come on the form of a Vaccine, lets consider that as a "house rule", where the government have dictated that you must comply to going to the toilet in the kitchen sink in order to be fed or live your life as normal, as there is a spider in the toilet. now firstly, its immoral, unhygienic and a detriment to health, but most importantly, the foundation is not equipped to handle this, its designed for water only, not solids, the government insist and threaten, so the people comply and the solids clog the system.