The 2021 World Hysteria - Have some Facts.

Well this one is bound to get me in trouble, and quite frankly, I don't care,

I feel that people need to know the truth about all things, if people believe lies and myths then how can we make anything better?.

Watching people like Greta Thunberg and the Greens politicians harking on about carbon net zero, it's the most outrageous and detrimental thing I have ever seen, and this is the next big thing that will be pushed upon us after this futile numbering program that some refer to as a vaccination.

I actually find it quite terrifying that a young girl claiming that entire ecosystems have been decimated is believed by so many people, yet, the world has been gradually getting greener, life is flourishing, this poor girl's head has been filled with entire nonsense and she has been exploited.

This has prompted a mass hysteria among youth and parents alike, The ideologues of the feminist narrative jumping on board, along with those advocates against discrimination against people with mental health disorders, People actually arguing that grown adults, knowledgeable in science, Geology, climate, astrology and ecology should shut up and listen to this indoctrinated, mentally challenged, child about matters concerning the world wide responses to an alleged climate crisis, to argue this narrative of this young girl was seen as a personal attack on her and the cancel culture subsequently attacked all of those it felt opposed her, labelling them all sorts, smearing them, losing them their livelihoods, reputations and income, all based on rumours, lies and media manipulation, a very clever and well played ruse by those meaning to impose this United Nation one world government on us... it was a right shit show..

This has sent the left side of politics into a full ideological attack upon western society, in wave form, when people are easily guided by fear then they all tend to huddle together and deem everyone else a threat, politicians are no different, when one is losing power they will unite with another, not for the greater good but for the sake of winning, these alliances compromising the policies of both parties, in effect changing them from the voted entity, into something completely different and not voted for.

Under the guise of the United Nations, Australia has been compromised, not only by allowing them to strip us of all industry, keep our exports to "their" manageable levels, it's allowed them to dictate our immigration and maritime laws to us, now allowing them to take control of our government by use of a state of emergency, an inconsistent and highly suspicious narrative thats forcing mandates and unconstitutional rulings on people in Australia.

The next "fear" we will be bombarded with is the necessity to convert to this "renewable energy", this mass rush to "Cool the world" by lessening man kinds contribution to the carbon dioxide on the planet, think about that when you consider how many people exhale in a concert hall, confined space such as a car, train or bus, factory, office, at what point is "man kinds contribution" limited to their right to actually breathe??, to exhale.

Then we have the cost of the infrastructure, This initiative that has a recurring cost every 20 years is outlined in the PDF below, please share these facts with friends and politically minded colleagues.

Logistics-and-Costs-for-Australia-to-Achieve-Net-Zero-Revised- (1)
Download PDF • 397KB

The real costs of Australia's commitment to this United Nations initiative, 1.4 Trillion Dollars, thats immense, who will be paying for that?, and thats between 2022 and 2050, thats 50 Billion a year, let that sink in.. where is that money going to come from?

This PDF above outlines Australia's energy needs and the cost of the componentry to make it all happen. I thank Kenneth Schultz, the author of this publication for allowing me to share it, you can see more of his work at

This amount of Debt will cripple our economy, the homeless numbers are rising by the day from all walks of life, businesses closing and people becoming reliant on a poor and time consuming government process that makes no sense whatsoever.

We already have 3 million Australians living in poverty, for a country as rich in natural resources and opportunity, this is a disgusting statistic, again these are restrictions brought upon our people due to these united Nations commitments, and now they want even more, they want us to sell our coal to china so they can build more power plants and use it, while we, in Australia, shut ours down, give our people the most expensive power bills in the world, and to be happy about it, to be forced to take drugs you don't want or lose your standing in a society that was fought and died for, I personally find that totally unacceptable.