The Art of Diplomacy

Art, what is that?

Is it something that inspires people or is it the artist's spell upon people?, art can heal people, just as art can destroy people, a picture is art, music is art, the spoken word its self is art, therefore almost everything we do, in one way or another is art.

Human communication would have to be art in its truest form, every time people interact, the different interpretations lead to the reaction of the exposure you could say. for example, one person saying the word "black" in proper context to their culture, could mean something terrible and derogatory to another, one person can hear a song that makes them happy, while another person listening to it gets angry, same with pictures, movies, books and more, but above all it applies to politics.

November 2021 and the world governments have aligned and are now on this horrible attempt to transition the way people live on our planet, controlling people as if we are theirs to control, manipulating people through fear for their safety, and those non compliant are threatened to induce fear, and those still defiant are ostracised, shunned and outcast from society for standing by their constitutional rights...

I guess a lot of people in this country, now know how Pauline Hanson has felt for a very long time, As a former Queensland resident, Pauline was in many of my circles, I even played music in a pub she would frequent, back then, I liked her honesty, some of what she said sounded crazy to me, not because of what she was saying, but because I had absolutely no idea about politics, it was all mumbo jumbo, most of it still is to me, I just nod and wave hahaha.

But I am one of these analytical learners, I only look for the parts I need to learn you could say, for example, lets look at the "climate change Narrative", personally, I think its a complete load of crap, too many things debunk it, as simple as that, when the scales of evidence are not tipping on the side of the story, but rather, on the side of the facts, then the facts dominate the argument.

Deep sea and Permafrost Core samples, Astrological patterns and The Earths temperature, tilt, rotation, trajectory and historical patterns in relation to these things are ignored by the scare mongering politicians, and completely negated when presenting any kind of factual evidence to mans contribution to the world's CO2 levels and the claims that we need to stop using fossil fuels, therefore, I have seen evidence to support one side thats solid scientific proven and documented truth, and hearsay to support a "climate change theory", yet the "climate change theory" dominates the world political stage over fact in this "case"

How is that possible without corruption?

But wait... There's another similar "case"...

Evidence plays a huge part in our society, a person cannot be found "guilty" unless there is evidence to support a case and the guilt must be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Well, thats how its "supposed" to be, let me ask anyone, have you or anyone you know contracted or carried the alleged Covid-19 virus?, I don't want to hear bullshit, I am asking you for real, as it seems to me that these world wide figures are made up... so let me ask you all another Question...

Since the outbreak of this alleged Covid-19 do any of you know anyone thats had influenza A?.. I do

I know a few that have had the flu. It concerns me that people would be so naïve as to believe that something like the flu can spread Yet this Covid cannot, given that the "covid" is allegedly more contagious and more deadly.. if the Flu got here, then so did Covid.. only an idiot would not put those dots together, the world has a lot of idiots.

So then comes the diplomacy, how can a man tell the world that theres a lot of idiots taking the wrong train?, how does one yell over the Hussle and bustle of the station and those pushing the idiots in the wrong direction?, when the train going the correct way is an old beat up steam train, and the one going the wrong direction, is a brand new monorail?

I hate to admit it, but I was one of those idiots once, I used to listen to what the main stream media had to say, what the Muppets in the WA government were pedalling at election time and since, its juts been an absolute mockery of Government in this country.

Up until very recent, I have done my bit to keep away from the law, kept my nose clean, kept away from drinking and bad influences, maintaining a normal quiet life, hoping to be seeing my children soon, I refuse to be treated or let them be treated any differently because we have not been vaccinated with that poisonous shit.. end of story, thats Not negotiable, I don't care what the rest of the idiots do, I am not an idiot, and I won't be taken for one.

When the prime minister of this country says to me, theres no mandates, then thats the final word as far as I'm concerned. When I see a fool like Mark McGowan arguing with him over this, I can only wonder why, why does he hold people in such contempt that he feels he must maintain a tighter grip of power over them?, who's protection is he worried about?, the people's or his own?.

So now I am watching friends and family being panicked into taking this needle against their will, under threat of job loss, yet, the leader of the country says explicitly that this is a no no, who are the people supposed to follow? the hand the feeds them or the hand that beats them?...

Either way, no person is breaking any laws and therefore cannot be subject to penalty or punishment under any laws that any state government enacts that contradicts with a federal laws. Therefore, I am breaking the law by not following the directive of Scott Morrison, leader of the federal government, he has at no point mandated anything, when a business is registered, its done through the federal government, at no point anywhere has a mandate been published to any employer.

I sure as hell no longer listen to a word that comes out of Mark McGowan's mouth, he disgusts me not only as a politician, but as a father and a man, how can he put his children in harms way like that?

why would he let it go to those lengths?, what did he think would happen when people get desperate?