The biggest lie ever told part 1

There are musicians and then there are artists, there is a huge difference, a Musician plays music, an artist creates music.

Its right now 2021 and the world is going through a sudden and abrupt shock, Western Society is undergoing a mass hysteria based on a flu thats no more dangerous than walking down a city street ingesting carbon monoxide, no more dangerous than catching the common cold. in fact its so benign that people need a test to know they have it.

Now I am not a stupid man, I have been raised my entire life to understand the rights and wrongs of society, made mistakes, paid the price and learned from them.

So what happens when all of these things I have learned are no longer the correct way to conduct yourself?, for example, slander, defamation, discrimination and ostracizing have become the normal, what's a rational mind supposed to make of this behaviour thats being endorsed and supported by state governments in an attempt to undermine our federal government?.

Loyalty is something thats extremely important to any man or woman, any that don't understand what loyalty is or how to be "loyal" are not much of a human at all, even a dog can be loyal, for any person to not understand the concept is quite obviously "dumber than a dog".

So when society looks at the leaders that are consistently at odds with each other ie state and Federal governments, what message does that send to the youth?, to the young that are still learning the ways of the world, the chain of command and respect for authority?, how can any of them have a sense of loyalty to the law, when the law it's self has become contradictory to all that the constitutional rights of the country provide?

Pictured to the left here is Scott Morrison (Scomo), he is the Australian Prime minister, the man thats not only had the worst bushfire tolls in Australian history in his tenure, he has also had to deal with the alleged and very much suspicious "pandemic".

During all this time I have watched closely to see what our leaders do in these times, to see if they are Tyrannical, if they are fair or otherwise, when it comes to this man, he has been challenged at every offset.

This is where loyalty comes into it, If this man asked me to go to war to defend this country I would do it without question, however there are those in this society that would stand by the enemy, infiltrate our own defences and do everything in their power to see us fail, essentially they would cut off their noses to spite their faces and all because of political ideals that they do not understand, for example, pushing the values and concept of Communism and Socialism in a western, conservative country is counter productive to everything that western country stands for, they are essentially like rust in the hull of a ship, best removed before there is too much damage done.

So what happens when an entity such as the United Nations has been corrupted with these foreign ideals of Communism and socialism and are pushing the division between the states of the country and the leader of the country?, how does this entity get control of the people?, how does this entity convince the people to lose their loyalty?.

The answer to that is fear, the communist ideal is all based on fear, the whole "you will do this or else" regime, for example Vaccines, lockdowns, mask wearing and now these unlawful and completely unconstitutional "passports".

This made me take a closer look at the United Nations and their "plans for the world", and this is where a cold shiver went down my spine.

I have come to understand that their is a massive push by them to change the ideals of every country thats signed up to be a part of it, for example, when we look at the "climate change" narratives, the "Black lives matter terrorism", the pushing of a "vaccine" that has proven to do nothing at all to positively help any human being whatsoever. in fact its killing people.

So why are people complying?, again, its fear, fear is a huge motivator, prime example of this was the Russian army in WW2, Millions of men sacrificed under fear of their families being murdered by their own government, or not running at the Germans unarmed, they would be shot by their own people.

Let that resonate for a minute.

So now we look at Australia 2021, and its a mess, we have these state leaders that are following directives from "unelected" officials that do not have the qualifications or authority to impose these restrictions on people, so why do they comply?, this again is fear.

I personally have been watching all of this unfold for the last 20 years, I knew that there would be a "world wide state of emergency", this is in black and white, the purpose of this is to undermine all constitutions of all countries and remove nationalism, if you care to read the United Nations development and sustainability plan for the 21st century, its in black and white, however, this is called "conspiracy theory" and challenged by people that simply do not know any better, this documentation is freely available, its official, peer reviewed, factual and in point form, its actually so well written that a monkey could read and understand it.

Yet people will deny its existence, despite it being right there for all to see. A person would rather live in slavery, become a number, lose all identity, home ownership, self respect and purpose to life other than "serving a master". These people will choose to live in fear, push the fear and violently attack you to install the fear if you are courageous.

When we look at social and main stream media, all of the things that point to the truth of the matter, are removed or censored, people are being silenced and called dissidents despite them conveying the absolute truth. Now, is this normal for western society?, no, it is not. considering the very basis of ALL LAW in this country comes down to "proof beyond reasonable doubt", at no point ever have I been shown "proof beyond reasonable doubt" that any of this "pandemic" requires any restrictions whatsoever.

So in essence, all of this is an act of terrorism being committed by a country upon it's own people, and sadly, our federal leaders hands are tied and being undermined by the state leaders due to the state of emergency, making him look incompetent, where in fact, he is by definition Powerless while this "state of emergency" is in place, this is the reason these "outbreaks" and "variants" keep emerging.

They have ALWAYS been here and they will NEVER be gone, its best people understand that and understand that the CORONAVIRUS is NOT limited to Covid - 19 however these "variants" are not based on Covid -19, they are based on Coronavirus, and as it stands there have been many coronaviruses in existence a lot longer than mankind its self has existed, so essentially, this can go on for the rest of time of we allow it.