The Common Law Denominator

Usually I do all my own writing, but in this blog I will be borrowing some literature from the publishers of the website, an informative resource for those of us that are not happy with the changes being implemented upon Australian freedoms.

Common law is the primary basis of our entire nations laws, everything we are, do, own and represent are governed by this. Many people are lead to believe that the Australian government is the "law" when in fact it is not, it never has been and it never will be, however they are trying to make it this way, all of them, power hungry grubs.

And this is why they know they are not allowed to mandate things like experimental vaccines, nor are they allowed to coerce people into taking it by restrictions of freedom in any way shape or form, despite the federal government saying a clear and definitive NO to mandates, they still push it as if they have a right to do so, this is illegal state premiers cannot over rule a prime minister without proper due process, this has not been done, again illegal.

Shortly after the second world war, the world was made aware of the horrible experiments performed by the German Nazi doctors, nurses, soldiers and people, in particular Dr Joseph Mengele, a monster of a man that used experimental vaccines on unwilling participants, Experiments that are too horrific for me to even mention in this blog.

This was only one of many of the horrible atrocities bestowed upon a people due to discrimination, fascism, a word used so readily today to describe those that are the exact opposite,

The experiments were right from the beginning, they started with the elderly, mentally ill then started onto the disabled, political prisoners and eventually the Jewish people, Twins in particular, however, because of the government propaganda and the peoples "love" for their "saviour", the people followed suit, ostracized, outcast and dehumanized these groups one by one, no remorse, no guilt. "The government said so, so its okay".. Sound familiar?

Politicians and propaganda are a dangerous combination, just like the music industry promotions, repetition comes at a price, and media are not free and as a business will publish and program for the highest bidder, regardless of the integrity that journalism is supposed to uphold, it holds no more bearing today in 2021 than that of a Hippocratic oath being neglected by a covid compliant doctor.

The outcome of the world's polarization and response to the Nazi over reach of government control was the Nuremberg trials, in which the people responsible for the discrimination and ill treatment of these people were held to account, the term "I was just following orders", did not prevent any of them from facing the gallows or firing squad, what these people done was evil.

Regardless of a persons job, they are a human being first and foremost, no matter what, you are accountable for your actions toward another human being and vice versa, as stated in Judeo-Christian society, thats "god's law", there is no higher.

So when state premiers are disobeying the laws of the land (gods law) by restricting the freedoms, promoting discrimination and coercing experimental drugs on the people uinder threat, one is compelled to believe that what we have is a case of history repeating, once again we are seeing a government standing over the people saying "take this or else"

At what point ever did anyone hand this control to these politicians?

I certainly don't remember any of that, so by definition, any person pushing this Mandate Narrative anywhere in the world is in breach of the "Nuremberg code", A criminal offence of the highest order, those business owners discriminating against people, the online antagonists, the advertisers, the manufacturers, the whole lot are accountable, every single one of them, right down to that wanker at the IGA that made sure you signed to come in to the shop, disgusting behaviour from power tripping arse holes.

The outcome of the Nuremberg trials gave us, "the people" this code, a charter of human rights that MUST be obeyed world wide, even in a state of emergency, regardless of any "act". this code takes away the rights of governments to put such restrictions on the people, its actually a criminal offence to do so.

I am sure that the state premiers are well aware of this and do not have faith enough in the Australian people to be able to think for themselves, they continually "catfish" society, they are disgusting liars.

So then comes the question of enforcement of our common law rights, when a government decides that they will blatantly break the laws of the land despite the peaceful protests, then the people will dig deeper and look at ways to defend themselves legally, its human nature.

After spending time with political parties, campaigning for better conditions, I found out that political parties are merely a pantomime in this country and that the oath they adhere to is a fabrication thats never been approved by the people at a referendum, hence the constitution that many people understand is in fact not real at all, the Australian people have been hoodwinked BIG TIME... but it's not too late to fix it if we act now.

Now this is the point where the Political parties, big business and those that benefit from this corrupt system will claim that I am talking conspiracy theorist garbage. Why would I put my music career and personal reputation on the line for something I haven't cross referenced, examined and clearly understood?, this is a mindset uncommon to the new age thinker that take guidance and fact from a meme generator, paid media and corrupt politicians.

The truth of the matter is that no political party can stop what's happening to this country, its beyond politics, the sooner people realize that the better. Our constitution is under attack by a foreign entity, not our politics, not our religions, not our health, they want our constitution erased to give them unlimited access to our resources and line their pockets.

There is a way to get our country back it requires courage, knowledge and a good principal knowledge of the constitution, what it stands for, the rulings and how it all came to be, then we form assemblies that vote to disassemble the current government and restore it to our constitutional way of life.

The first thing I will reference today is the Common law Assemblies, what they are and how to get involved.

Firstly, a Common Law assembly is NOT a political party, its a group of citizens forming judicial body.

Put simply, Common Law, or the Law of the Land, has been used to govern and keep the peace in communities ever since mankind gathered together for their mutual protection. It is the body of law decided on by a community to govern themselves and to ensure all people can gain a remedy for any wrong done against them.

So basically, like minded people need to form groups of 12 or more and make a common law Assembly, the more of these we have working together, the more pressure we put on the government to return things to th