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The Naked Lie Part one

Part One, Alan MacGregor runs us through the basics of the Lima agreement, how it has come about and how it affects the opportunities and lifestyles of people in the 139 countries involved.

Best you pay attention, especially in Australia, the UK is not much different, India the United states or Canada, maybe have a look at how your country is kowtowing and start asking questions, this is NOT political although it may seem so, thats what they want you to think.

There is no right wing or left wing lunacy here, we want to show people the truth and what we can do to put a stop to it.

Do you think it's by chance that the western world's police, medicines, Media and much more have all come into alignment?, whether, straight, gay, alternative, black, white, yellow, green or navy blue, it matters not when all become a "Number".. your history taken, your family acknowledgements wiped away, your ancestral rights forsaken, irrespective of what god, deity, animal, person or planet you worship

There have been powers manipulating your life without your permission, stripping you of things that have been fought for with millions of lives.

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