While the world is asleep at the wheel concentrating on things like the threat of some virus spreading the world, every time there is a cure there is a new strain, so what is the end game going to be?

What's the point in worrying about things that are beyond our control and arguing about it all on social media without actually confronting those involved and getting answers?, why not hit my playlist on the homepage, kick back and read some of this shit..

What is the point in someone sitting in a room during all this time of insecurity, writing songs or drawing paintings to not have the world see or hear them through the power of technology?, its 2021 for god sake and the only way people can get exposure is by paying a shit load of money to a variety of different places or run in a lottery of getting a good publishing deal.

Technology is a good thing and should not be abused the way some tech giants chose to go about things, but used right,

Washroom Studio hopes to do well in providing a starting platform for many of todays and tomorrows Australian artists, small steps to big places.

Also... There are people in the community that have their views about Vaccinations, the lock downs and all other measures related to the "covid" pandemic that deserve to be heard, they are silenced by the main stream media, shunned, victimized, bullied and suspended on most social media platforms.

I don't care about the monetization and control of those that consider themselves higher powers in the social media industry, I'm an Aussie, they have nothing on me at all, I abide by the laws of this land, and those guys can take a flying fuck to themselves.

I invite people to the Washroom studio groups to interact and have a say in what goes on, obviously we wont be able to get to everyone straight away, but no one will be ignored, some pics, video and evidence, dont post social media links,

I want cold hard factual evidence, thats very important.

We're not a bunch of conspiracy theorists, nor are we discriminating people, we offer the same rights to "expression" from all everyone. but will always stand against leftist lunacy that I feel is clearly detrimental to many things that are good in society.

I dont care two fucks what the cancel culture people think of that.

Alan MacGregor.

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