The private life of an anonymous person..

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It's a very funny world we live in,

Where to have already separated yourself from society for so long, that you always see its workings as a pantomime, a reality that "some" choose to follow, while others understand that living life is freedom in its self.

A left wing or right wing person are no different when it comes to their passion for their ideals, like sporting teams, they have their members their tactics, their goals, their fundraising, their games.

The fact that political parties literally act like children, the members of them not interested in the people, only the policies, makes me laugh...

Humanity is the first and foremost thing we need to protect, not politics, not money, not ideals and laws, Humanity is what is what we need to reinforce in our children, without humanity, we are merely nameless, soulless, subservient hybrids.

This is what governments want us to be, hence why they will allow discrimination to push their narrative, in fact political parties have been known to stop at nothing to achieve power, look at the German issue in 1938.

I am sick of all this political bullshit.. I signed up to a party to make a difference and I believe that over the last 12 months, the hard work that Myself and the others have done have paid dividends big time, Where the party I am in was once shunned, called names and had a bad stigma attached, people are now understanding the lies told by the media and other politicians that have made this happen.

For some time in my life I did get drawn into this "norm", where to speak out was laughed at, people encouraged to "go with the flow" and negate their individuality, be one with the people, not for yourself... and for the short time that I was in that world, I found that I was forced to hate certain things, forced to like certain things in order to "fit in" and be "accepted".

Over time I realized that being "accepted" was not all its cracked up to be, that majority are a single minded bunch of fucking robots as far as I'm concerned, any person that achieves success by destroying others is a piece of shit, not a real person, not a humanitarian.

So now I get on social media to have a look at what people are talking about, their comments and responses to them, and I have always been right about the robotics of society, ever since a child I have seen it, I was a protestant in a catholic area, then came to Australia, that Scottish kid that was different, then later in the Scottish Army I was the Aussie lad (Skippy), came back to Australia, got married, had some amazing Children.


THEN... separation from women comes with a statutory life sentence of depression and the whole ideal of being a loving father is taken from you and replaced with a hatred and loathing due to brainwashing and manipulation of facts...

this takes 21 fathers lives a week in Australia alone... and now I am supposedly "right wing" in my politics, not because I chose to be, but because I have been "labelled" this way by these same weak minded idiots that know no better.

I guess I understand how university professors feel when people argue with them, understanding that the person is clearly an uneducated idiot with some tiny semblance of knowledge and they adopt that as a skill set, fucking morons, you see them all the time..

like a bloke building a fence then calling himself a carpenter.

I have been discriminated against my entire life, this Mandate shit is nothing new to me.

So When I look at society, I have never been a part of the big crowd, not one of the "go with the flow" types, as I can see the flaws in that, I see the weakness in it.

I do understand the worker ant mentality that the supporters of McGowan and the likes have, but I also know that they are all wrong to think that way.

Individuality is important, independent thought is the roots of development, how anyone can try take that from any human being is nothing short of disgusting.

I don't believe something just because a lot of people do backed by some "science", its known that science can be manipulated to represent anything, if the claims were true about certain things, then second opinions would be welcomed as help, not discriminated, attacked and made a mockery of.

This applies to narratives that all come from the very same channels and same "Science", prime examples are the reason for mandates, lockdowns and a complete disregard for humanity, and the myth that man kind has somehow had some contribution to heating the planet..

Pseudo science v's facts.. Facts win every time, particularly when researched. I have attended seminars with some of the worlds leading experts in these fields, and I assure you all, the governments are lying through their fucking teeth to you all.