The World as you know it.

Now far be it for me to assume what the world's people think about certain things, when we consider religion, politics and relationships, we can never all agree on the one thing, no one person can be unbiased..

Does it ever make you wonder, that if no one person is unbiased, then how can a single judge possibly make a ruling in a court of law?, the answer to that is simple, they aren't supposed to.

So why are they?, why are the governments of the world getting away with this attack on Western society?, some will ask... What is this "attack"?, and they will scoff as if they have some fundamental right to mock you because they are of a lesser intelligence, kind of like how children will bully the smart kid at school, no different at all, that same mentality applied to adult life. A mass tragic case of an entire generation of people that have been unable to "grow up", and this has started a cycle thats brought about the dumbest generation of mankind since the Neanderthal. to explain this to some of these people is like trying to teach a fruit bat how to use scuba gear.

But it's funny, how we learn and the journeys we relate to certain things, the small things that add up to big things over time as you watch and take an interest in how the wheels of time turn. People will cloud their mind with beliefs of ghosts and myths that have no proof, they will point their fingers in judgement at those who believe differently, what gives them that right??

Some will say "god", which "god"?, is one to believe there is the "god of god's"? ie Zeus?, with so many beliefs flying about it makes you really wonder doesn't it, I mean if there was a mass cataclysm tomorrow and all that survived of Human 2022 culture on one continent was a book about Star Wars, and lets say very few survivors knew of any literature for thousands of years until this was found and then that was what people then believed was history.. the Jedi then becoming religion. So lets say on the other side of the world on a completely different continent they have found a book on the lord of the rings, them having the same beliefs in that as a religion and history of the species, What happens when these two cultures meet??.. Who is right and who is wrong??.. how will they did they come to terms of diplomacy, what level of rational thought would be required by those responsible in achieving it?, they would have to understand that people are easily influenced and lead by literature and that would stem to government, religion, establishment and eventually corruption, manipulation, tyranny, collapse, violence, war, sanctions, murder, domination, repeat.

My question is why the mass following to something like that in the first place... How did that happen?, well most people won't have even seen the Star Wars book or the Lord of the rings book, but they will have their die hard beliefs on both sides, one believing that Smaug or one of those long eared people could defeat Yoda etc..

Do you think bees are the same when one colony will attack another, or ants?, Lions?, Wolves?, do you think it's a belief that drives them apart or do you think its a "natural" instinct to be protective of ones habitat?

Why do people assume that humans are fundamentally any different?

An irony is Vegan people's philosophy that travels to animal lovers all over the world, Now I love animals, all of them, doesn't mean I am ignorant to the food chain or what a horrible mass production system the human race has become.

But they believe that Animals think and feel the way humans do, this is pathetic, Animals are much smarter than humans as they believe in themselves, their community and they all work together for the common good, not for the leadership voted for, the money they take or personal wealth.

So where does this bring us as a human race when we may understand that through the past million years the Earth has seen some serious cataclysms, mankind reduced to hundreds on the planet, Where did civilization get to before these cataclysms?.. where is all that history?, the evidence is starting to become overwhelming of many civilizations not taught about, many of the hypotheses of world leading geologists and researchers debunked by new sciences.

So lets say there were those that didn't agree with either of these ideologies, they had enough of the rules and regulations and laws, so they leave, get on a boat and find a new land, they set up and all gather there from both sides and have a free life living off the land, no rules, no regulations, no laws, yet complete peace as they are happy to be free of the shackles of ideology.

So one day, a Jedi on a pilgrimage through this land is unwelcomed, turned away as no one accepts their ideologies, so the Jedi feels insulted and kills one of these people, these people then revolt against the Jedi, the "Star Wars" land is much larger so the independents ask the "Lord of the Rings" people for help, they agree at a price..

The debt being to provide young men for their armies at the age of 17, for a period of 100 years.. fit healthy men, ready for battle, to leave their homes under servitude for the rest of their lives. slavery is born, as without this debt, they will surely perish as a society.

Lets relate that to Human history and have a really good think.

Now there has been this "gathering" of a lot of these lands and they have decided among themselves that mass population control is the way forward, that the world will benefit if we abolish all of our ideologies, all of our individuality and have one big global army to control the people under the umbrella.

In other words, "Star Wars" and "Lord of the rings" are working together to take out everyone else under a set of rules that they alone have agreed on, They have taken the power away from the people, they want to control the independent thinkers and the ideologists all in one, removing these choices and these free thoughts, providing their standard of education, their system of banking and health, their system of living, eating, breathing and surviving.. they can control every aspect of human life at the push of a button.

What happens when a person wants no part of it and wants to live free and they have no choice?, it comes back to that animal instinct doesn't it?.. how does a human being compare to a lion being wrongfully caged? or a bear, tiger or any other predatory animal for that matter?... Do these people really think they can do this to the human race and it wont go unanswered??.. not by any gods or governments but by the people themselves. How do we wake people up to the reality that they are all sold as soldiers to a foreign army?? just how do we do that?