The world at the moment.

What a time to be alive, so many things are up in the air, everything from human sexuality to the very air we breathe has come under some kind of political scrutiny.

What happened to the people that just like to live life and be kind to one another?, this is something that now seems frowned upon, forgotten and now seen as a weakness as opposed to a strength, a moral value, now become a detriment.

How do we now qualify as a good person?, when all the good qualities we have adopted that bring peace and prosperity is now maligned into being some kind of privlilage of which we should be ashamed.

I don't answer to the judgement of these people that make these claims, to them I say suck it up princess,

I care not for any of that waffle, I know the sacrifices that were made to ensure our lives are this way, I will not let some prick dictate to me what my life should be by their shallow standards.. they can simply go and get fucked.

When I look at Saudi Arabia for example, I see a country rich in its own culture and ways, I don't pass judgement on them whatsoever, I respect that and acknowledge these differences as something that should be celebrated, shared and learned among people but not pushed or imposed as many religious and political values find appropriate, all I know of this country and other "non Christian" countries is what I see on the television and media. So what we actually see of these cultures is pretty much brainwashed into us by use of media manipulation over a long period of time, for example, when a government is against a certain country, the media blankets that rhetoric across the land, people are so easily mislead, simply because its a commercial broadcast, they forget that the news is under no obligation to tell the truth, they are privately owned companies that will work for the highest bidder, just like a tradesman, cleaner, street sweeper or labourer, no different, but the people see their publications as pure gospel and respond without hesitation.

I am personally a Druid, if I travel to a non Christian country, I will do my very best to respect the customs and values of that land, whether I agree on principles or not, I am a guest and as such will conduct myself accordingly.

Same within a Christian country, the principles differ, I adhere accordingly as these are the fundamentals of these societies and in order to better understand them, you need to respect them.

What I see the media do is awful, it likes to make conflict between these cultures, the politicians using these taunts as leverage to increase their voter bases, this then stemming to skin colour and dragging up the evils of history that we have all worked so hard to reconcile, all of it, stirred on by these nasty people that only do it for popularity, not thinking of the overall toll it takes on every part of society world wide.

I mean, what is Racism?.. this ideal that one Race feels it has the right to dominate another?, that one member of one race is not allowed to criticize another because its so offensive??.. It's these discussions that make peace, that bring understanding, there are bigoted people that have been so infected by the media their whole life that they have manifested a hatred that should never exist, these differences need to be spoken about, criticized so that people can better understand them and have their own interpretations of their beliefs.

I have the deepest respect for the Aboriginal people of Australia, there are many and the way I see it, we have all lived together for a very long time, there are no excuses as to how any of our ancestors conducted themselves, that does not reflect on the people alive today, all cultures have their barbaric past, The Ottoman, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, to name a couple, so I dont see any as having the right to judge the other,

Human nature is not dictated by religion, race or belief and to think so is incredibly naïve, so many don't realise that their are countries of the world still doing the same thing only in a completely different way.

If you ask yourself the following questions... What answers do you get.. Please tell me in the comments..

  1. What is Religion to you?

  2. Do you know any truly racist people?

  3. Do you care for people regardless of their beliefs?

  4. Does a persons skin colour dictate how you feel about them?

  5. Do you hate people for their religious beliefs?