A lot of people do ask me, what is Washroom studio all about?, what is the purpose of it?, well in the beginning it was a place for me to showcase my own music, a platform what I could bring people to that would listen to my music, initially that went very well, and I was about to do the next step, and go do live performances and use the Washroom studio to publish my works and sell them through it by way of subscriptions...

Well COVID-19 happened and things have changed a lot, where venues cant have people in them, festivals are being cancelled, its a mess, and the thing is that theres really no reason for it, but thats a point of contention among many people.

So I have had to look at contingencies, I have saved up and forked out all this money to make a website and get all the apps and email functions working, have integrated it all throughout a Chinese supplier for my shop making it cheaper than most competitors, then the big mistake, I integrated it with "Facebook" pages, and this political rubbish that people continually throw at you on there can make you angry and respond accordingly, its human nature, but when this happens, "Facebook", take it upon themselves to suspend you, this also suspends these integrations and completely crashes the system.

All one needs do is disagree with a political narrative and they basically shut your online business down and take any clientele you have brought to that page.

So we no longer even associate with that platform any more, there is a page currently running, that will be closed down as soon as we let that clientele know about this website, something Facebook has been reluctant to let me share on the page its self, quite disgusting actually.

The next focus, is content production, our new team is putting together washroom TV, with comedy skits, special guests, Artist showcasing and interviews, live performance streaming, craft and art demonstrations, politicians, Australian short films and a lot more. including the paranormal...lol, who knows maybe even our own brave "News team".

There are a lot of great Aussie entertainers already online doing amazing things such as Isaac Butterfield and Daisy Cousens and I thank them for the inspiration, I hope that we can all have a good laugh and keep the industry alive while keeping people happy,

But I'm never going to sell out to the crazy political ideals of the left, nor will anyone here as Washroom studio grows, were not about that, we are about the Art and the freedom to express it and reinforce the importance of it in society.

I encourage people to send us their material to see if were able to help them get exposure, were not an agency, we're sure as shit not going to sell your details to any advertising companies, not going to throw you under a bus or give you the runaround, still at ground zero, so it may take time to develop and get running, need to start somewhere right?, but isn't that what we're all doing?

Alan MacGregor.

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