Washroom TV

Now I have people all over the place asking me what the go is with Washroom TV.

Well the answer to that is very simple "its a start".

For over 2 years I have been asking artists to submit video and Audio to us, to make this happen, sadly theres a lot of competition out there with far better and more stable platforms that get more attention and subsequently, There has not been an overwhelming response, although it has been consistent with Alan MacGregor music.

If you would like us to feature your music in any of our upcoming videos, become a member and get in touch through the messenger or groups and we will make it happen.

Episode 8 is based on Australia, it features a few songs I wrote, Karma, Flashlight, Bastards, Treadmill, I cant change the ways of the world and of course the season 1 opener...lol.

As passionate Aussies, were often mistaken for hardcore haters of anything that differs, thats not the case at all, as an Aussie, I have always had that pride that all are welcome and that all are accepted as long as you tow the line and do the right thing.

Since when was doing the right thing dobbing in a neighbour?, since when was the right thing being arrested for not wearing a face mask in public?, since when was any of this nonsense, the right thing?

Sadly, what I see, is, the media is "quite literally" calling the shots, world wide, whatever they say, goes, so many people are reliant on this lack of common sense and blatant brainwashing.

I don't attempt to even think I am smarter than anyone, or have more knowledge of "facts" concerning "data" from "sources", all that shit, pisses me off to no end and makes my fucking eye twitch, I see what I see, I learn what I want to, and am confident enough in my own intelligence to know the difference between right and wrong.

This has been made clear to me by a court of law, therefore defining that as a free citizen of this country I am responsible for the actions of my choices, and as far as I am aware, there is no legal precedent for charging a person for unknowingly spreading a virus.

So why on the earth is there any compliance to these "restrictions", in Australia?, how can fines exist when the "danger" its self is not something thats deemed a chargeable offence?

For example, do you go to prison for not wearing a seat belt?, no, you go to prison if you fail to comply with the punishment for doing so, therefore, is not wearing a seat belt really a crime?

If you have a car accident, and you are wearing a seat belt, will that in any way effect the outcome of the other people involved?, if you are pierced with flying debris, did that seat belt in fact, endanger your life?, all things open to question. reasonable doubt its called.

Now in the Australian court system, Reasonable doubt plays a huge role in determining innocence or guilt in criminal matters, for example the police must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you broke the law, you do not have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are innocent, thats not how it works.

Now if you know for a fact that you do not have this "virus", then why would any restriction be necessary?, this is the first time in history that people have ever been pressured into something so controversial, other than the NAZI rise to power.

To say something thats remotely questioning the narrative of the "pandemic" and the handling of it, is met with some very harsh defence, its almost as if a person is literally offended so much by your difference of opinion that they want to physically strike you, and this is within 20 seconds of an online encounter from pretty much anywhere in the world.

But what crime is committed by saying that you do not want to take this Vaccine?, where at any point does that break the law, where is that even "wearing a seat belt" so to speak?

Why is the media dictating to the police through the politicians?, how is this even possible in a country with our constitutional values and integrity?

If that in its self is compromised, then that compromises every other law in this country based upon it, can the government prove beyond reasonable doubt that these restrictions and / or vaccines are doing anything whatsoever to combat the outbreak of Covid-19?

If not, then why or how can any law be based on it?, how can any state of emergency exist on an unproven basis of facts? How can any restrictions exist if there is no state of emergency?, how can people be charged, lead to suicide, lose their jobs, families and businesses if there are no restrictions?, how can these politicians pushing this outlandish agenda be taken to task and removed from position?

How can anyone answer to a law that does not answer to its self?