Well a lot of people that Facebook have basically stolen from me, cant really be made aware that Washroom TV has been compiling heaps of fun stuff to start broadcasting, we have noticed that the entire internet is political this and political that, all taken so very seriously, angrily and incredibly biasedly, Even my music has gone political.

So its time to lighten it up, at the same time as bringing some important issues to light for the people, We are bringing you some great content from some great emerging Australian artists, including painters, poets, Graffiti artists, musicians, composers and more.

These are the people hit the hardest by the whole COVID-19 pandemic, this is a line of work that provides all that you hear and see when you watch TV and movies, when you listen to the radio, read a billboard or book, reminisce over memories to an album or listening to a church choir, go to a gallery, decorate the walls in your home, essentially these are the most important people in the world, and they are being discriminated against in the highest degree by Australian State's governments handling of this whole thing.

So I have been trying for a long time to launch this initiative and get the ball rolling, theres only so much one man can do with his time, considering all thats needed to be done, there is limited support but its building and there is a great team of people coming together that will make an enormous difference, I will be introducing them all very soon.

The focus is to bring the limelight back to Australian artists for what they are, for the culture they represent, for the brilliance they create, our gift to the world, for the world.

Time to start filling stages, all over the country, starting art shows, theatrical productions, in every town that has a stage, people need to use them, the power of art is what inspires a nation, its what inspires many things, things that are extremely important.

Watch this space.

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