People are often wondering why people are protesting, the media is giving them false reasons, promoted by the politicians that benefit from this misleading and illegal activity.

We pride ourselves at Washroom Studio in not talking shit and getting straight to the point, we are not politicians, we are not looking for any "power", we are simply keeping people informed of the truth, sadly we need to go to these measures to polarize the public into paying attention... Similar to a deer in headlights.

Wave after wave of this rubbish will be sent toward the people, the main generations avoiding all of this mandate rubbish are Generation X, Z and the Baby Boomers, the only generations that are in favour are the Millennials and the new and completely socially awkward Generation Alpha (their children).

This episode has its usual dry and weird humour, but it sends the hardest message to the people that we have done yet, almost hard to breathe so we cut it short and will resume with more at a later date.

People are being manipulated in a way thats happened before, lets hope we can wake them all up before it's too late.

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