Who's gonna save us?

Hi all, feel welcome to listen to my new song called "who's gonna save us?", and yes you guessed right, its not a country love song.

This song is a different flavour for me, taking the "less is more" approach to song writing.

This song outlines how I am feeling about the current political climate thats enveloping the worlds people, I do wonder when it will all stop, its almost as if all the "sensitive" people of the world have been given platforms of which to whinge and whine rather than getting on with life.

I have a lot of friends in politics and I am in a party myself, This doesn't always mean my music is orientated in that direction, its a funny irony actually.

Many of you may or may not know that Washroom Studio members are all proud supporters of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party (PHON), a lot of people have some kind of stigma attached to that name, as I did once myself.

Firstly, I don't tolerate racists, have no time for them at all, yet people believe I am a racist because of my political beliefs, There is a big difference between being a nationalist and being a racist, for one person to be proud of their race does not take anything away from any other person, so I don't get all that rubbish, yet they are now trying to push that ideal into schools, along with other crazy ideals that are best left to adult life.

So Why do I support PHON ?, well, thats a simple one to answer, I am a fan of the policies, I am all for getting the United Nations the fuck out of here and self sustaining this country, using the Bradfield project to its fullest potential, along with other great ideas on recycling, employment and education for ALL Australians... There is far to much foreign involvement with this country and we are being "divvied up" by other countries.

The media has people so stigmatized into this belief on PHON its disgusting, they do the same with the Covid Pandemic, Hyper sensationalize the smallest things and brainwash the public into whatever the government is allowing or paying them to publish, prime example is Channel 7, 9, 10 and ABC only push left wing ideals, without question.

If Pauline Hanson was to raise an eyebrow, there would be investigations, inquiries and media sensationalism surrounding the whole affair, yet they have not second questioned the Pandemic Narrative once. This is a concern to me, and due to that I have lost a lot of faith in Mainstream media, and the more I look, the more "woke" and political bias I see being fed to people, its on the radio as well.

But its not Just Pauline Hanson that gets this treatment, its anyone thats conservative, politician or not, Social media, walking in the street, people think they have some self righteous entitlement to push their views down your throat and that by some twist of the imagination you are to simply adhere without question... This is indicative of the mind set of these people.

This song questions that, if the media, the government and a volatile part of the community are all against you, we know we can "beat them up", but thats not the answer, it never is, all politicians seem to be following this UN mandate, they are forcing people to take poison.

There are not many politicians I admire, but the ones I do have Guts and stand up for what's right, no one is perfect, but I am damn sure that getting involved with this United Nations Sustainability program is the biggest mistake in the history of Man kind, not just Australia.

If you put all lions in one enclosure, all birds in one cage, all fish in one tank, all people under one governance, there is ALWAYS a challenge for leadership.

This Organization's ideas sound great, so does a brand new car until you have to pay for it, what Australia needs right now is a leader to step up and make them selves known, pull us out of this mess, put us back on our feet and leave the rest of the world to their own problems.

Who is gonna save us?