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Australia's Voice to Parliament Part One

Before we get into the formal part of this, I would like to thank the ancestors, pioneers, discoverers, soldiers past and present, and my parents that have provided me with this freedom and life that I have, and do not take for granted.

I do not recognise Aboriginals as the first people of Australia, I believe there were many nomadic people of three different origins that arrived on this island that was inhabited by a smaller race of people, there are witness reports from Chinese Sailors approx. 400AD to that effect, Dutch explorers confirmed reports from these Chinese of these Taller people hunting down and slaughtering this race of smaller people.. These are eyewitness reports, from the annals of History, not some fabricated nonsense by politicians or media. - Alan MacGregor

So this voice to Parliament, what is it?, let's see, some say it's a bid for equality, an equality that already exists... With that in mind, it's not something you just vote for without knowing exactly what its all about... if you do, then... your a bit of an idiot, like buying a car without knowing if it has an engine or not.

Seriously, there are some disturbed individuals in Australia right now, this Referendum has brought out people from every corner of the political and law spectrum.

On observing social media, there are groups for and against this, not many of these people on either side are fully acquainted with the facts. As always, Washroom studio have done our homework to bring you the best and most accurate information that we can.

In media, the idea is to remain impartial, but in some cases, where the law is concerned, it's no longer a case of bias, it's a matter of what's right and what's wrong, presenting facts is not an act of bias, it's an act of learning and presenting your findings, irrespective of your own beliefs.

We will showcase a couple of videos in this blog, so that you are made aware of EXACTLY what this voice to parliament is and how there are people out there that oppose it and are being completely ignored by a government thats is proving to be the most destructive and malignant that Australia has ever known.

When looking at all of this, the facts and figures, the rhetoric and the pitch, you have to wonder why people are actually buying into it at all, but when you look at the Vaccines and Mandates etc, it's not hard to see just how gullible people are when it comes to believing the media and things said to them by misinformed idiots, politicians and influential figures like actors and sports stars.

So why "All of a sudden", is all this rubbish so important?.. I mean theres a lot.. not just this, but we have the LGBTQI people pushing their agenda more and more, the climate activists doing the same, now it's a racial debate being forced upon people, the pitch would have you believe that all these things are for a "Better world", when in fact all they are doing is causing civil unrest, anger and frustration, "Division", by any other name.

People that stand against all this radical nonsense are attacked, slandered, lied about, smeared and destroyed as people and business owners if they dare say a word, so small groups have emerged to start slowing all of this down and hopefully put some peace to it all, they too are attacked, called things like NAZI's and murderers.. their homes, offices, families and friends all targeted by radicals, businesses, local and mainstream media and politicians with influence.

If you have watched any of the other videos we produce, you will already know that Australia is in a bit of deep shit right now.

At no point in history was power ever given to an overseas entity to call the shots with Australia, our constitution clearly states that is NOT allowed, in black and white, but the United Nations and international Traders have been able to call the shots here since 1974...

Australians are waking up to this... so the Communists need to make their mark in the constitution, using the Aboriginals to do it, the same way Lenin and Hitler done it, Lenin used the same ideal as Albo, almost identical, the ideals of a "First nations" people to over run the democratic system and install a communist government that over rides the freedoms of the people, "Aryans", in Hitler's case, to dispel all foreign influence and racially purify Germany.

This voice to parliament, is an access door for anyone to come into our country, enemy or friend, what better way for the communists to implement the ideals forbidden by our constitution as it stands?

The video below is one of my songs called "Sleep all day", it's basically a dig at the left side of politics, but I have put the constitutional changes since the 1901 constitution was put into action in Australia into the film, so you can see them for yourself, feel free to share it...

Many will dispute facts, but when they are irrefutable, the argument against it is null and void, at no point ever have we, the Australian people approved a "Commonwealth of Australia". in fact the coat of arms with no crown on the top is illegal and should you receive notice under this, you should deem it as a false authority, as thats exactly what it is.

Watch this video, and if you are familiar with the Australian constitution of 1901, you will see how todays government overreaches in so many ways.

Anyone thats considering the vote on the voice to Parliament should be well and truly into studying exactly what our constitution is, what it means to us all and how respected any changes to it must be.

Yes, this is a communist ideal trying to take over Australia and only the people can stop this.

Enjoy the video, and then carry on reading

So now that you are aware of the changes, you would have a lot of questions I guess

Consider for a moment that the media and politicians have been working together to parallel your beliefs in your Australian constitutional rights and obligations, for example, treason is still a charge, hopefully, the people of Australia will realize this and take action against those that have been harming them over the past few years, irrespective of political affiliation, the law is the law.

Just so you all know, Washroom Studio have been threatened many times, not only by police intimidation, but by threat of violence, threat of exploitation, death threats and more.. it's at the point where many of the Washroom studio affiliates need to ban and hide our families from Social media, much to their anger, most of us are parents and understand the sacrifices we must make to pave the way for them in a war of attrition, they may not understand that, but in the times to come, hopefully they will, family is important, a fathers job is to protect it, no matter what, even from it's self.

The world is unforgiving in many ways, once a father has been separated from his children, it changes his heart, when it happens twice, it breaks his heart, when theres a third time, the man's heart is completely destroyed and the prospect of love becomes an experience that only brings about pain, so this numbness develops over time, a hardening to the emotional reactions of others, for example, when some see a person cry, they are instantly concerned... some of us, its weakness, because we understand the places vulnerability takes you to.

The reason this is of importance in this topic is that it's all relative, when you look at the different types of people in society today..

Now I have always believed in the 4 personality types, and have studied them all over time, as an entertainer and socialite, those being...
Melancholic Earth Conscientiousness/Cautious
Phlegmatic Water Steadiness/Supportive
Sanguine Air Influence/Inspiring
Choleric Fire Dominance/Direct

And over time it's interesting how these have changed, where they represent the same thing, a Melancholic person on the internet is no different to the Phlegmatic or Choleric, as its all a charade, and to most of them, it's a playground where they can "Be"... whatever they want, I am sure you have all been on social media and been called abusive names by some ideologue pushing their politics.

So when it comes to talking about the law, lets say for a moment you have 4 different perspectives as outlined above.. which one is correct?, which one will be more susceptible to media campaigns, which will endure hardship longest, which are more compliant, which will not have a bar of it at all, which will stand up and demand justice.

When you look at those 4 types, there is really only one that will challenge authority, that will put courage before fear that will lead people to freedom, but sadly thats the same one that will put shackles on the people without the correct support from the others.

In Australia, the media and politicians are aware of this, and create propaganda campaigns aimed at exactly that among other demographics.

Washroom Studio never made the following video, but we pay full credit to it, Blacklisted Research

Now, I don't know about you, but thats quite a scary video, I would strongly recommend checking out their YouTube Channel on the link above.

There are many things to consider when voting for this "Voice to parliament".. it's a great show of character for many Australian people, as we can see the weak, the strong, the gutless and the courageous, the sheep, the wolves, the mushrooms and the sloths.

In no way does Washroom studio stand in the way of human rights for all people, but we will most definitely stand in the way of a racially defined vote to divide and destroy the most progressive and successful civilization in world history.

It may or may not surprise you to know that these political parties and others all work for a corporation, when you look at the ideals etc that they must adhere to as a condition of their existence and "Registration", the question is, "Why should a political party be registered" and what governs the rules of this registration if not the constitution it's self?

For example who sets the policies of the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission)?, what is the AEC under constitutional law?

If liberal were "Really" in opposition to this then their campaigns would be 10X that of an election, given just how important this is, same goes with the National party, they are just as corrupt, One Nation is divided, one half are as lefty flog as it gets, the other are the true conservatives, so it's a lucky dip if you vote for Pauline Hanson, she personally gets my support, that does not mean I support the party in western Australia, too many men in barbie style shirts for my comfort and confidence in any kind of leadership should there be a vote swing toward them, like Pauline herself, I call it as I see it, and I will say what the others are too scared to.

so to wrap up part one on this topic, here is another video with some nice scenery and a bit of an AI chat about propaganda and how it's used to influence the masses, this was done long before the "Voice to Parliament" debate was announced.

Until Next week, Take Care out there friends.

Alan MacGregor.



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