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The Waves

The waves...

Do you feel it?, can you grasp the empathy of a screaming species entrapped within its own concept of self belief?, can you hear the bellowing beasts of rage thundering down the valleys of misconception, greed and misery?

Can you understand the fear of those not knowing, not understanding or pretending not to notice?, can your eyes see the pain in the world simply at a glance?.

can you feel the storms approaching that are not of the weather?, not of the climate but of an entirely different force all together?.. mankind it's self.

when we look at these "Projections", these "Graphs", they are all computer generated, every single one of them, none of them left to the Human being to double check "By hand" or analyze using further methods, nothing open to proper scientific scrutiny, and this is happening in almost every country in the world..

Looking at this "save the climate" narrative thats being tossed about like a religion, those that do not believe being ostracized, Cancelled, abused, sanctioned, forgotten, imprisoned, shunned, disenfranchised, impoverished and terribly discriminated.

who predicts the knowledge bases of these computers?, who writes the models?, and based on science from where?, how scrutinized is that science, and how often??, who is the "Programmer"?, anyone can make an app that can turn your face into a movie star, one can only imagine how easy it would be to manipulate graph readings if one had enough power, money and control over people.

If we have a 2 party political system in Australia, then we are only receiving 2 choices of Nourishment as a civilization, then when we look at the choices made in terms of the "United Nations" and "World economic Forum" control, it's not hard to see where these Graphs originate and how they can be manipulated to serve the purposes of an agenda.

What is the agenda?, is there an agenda?, Who knows?, but when you follow the signs in alternative directions to the masses following orders, you tend to see things that the mass refuses to.

Does that make you a conspiracy theorist?, a realist?, an antagonist or an ideologue?, to simply know the truth?..

When I look at how news is presented in 2023, it's astonishing, in Western Australia we have this "Premier" that does nothing but promotional activities, attends photo opportunities and push for attendance in sporting and music events that are so overpriced that the average joe has no chance of attending.

And so I am forced to look at what the news is "Not" reporting, as the major networks all tell the same story time after time, most of them only pushing government propaganda, very little of it actual information, incentives given to favour government incentives such as Vaccines and Green energy.

If you have a look on any Samsung phone, you can already see the little circle, this is the Sustainability and development goals that washroom studio released videos about some 5 years ago, we were laughed at and called "Nut Jobs" and radicals by people we considered friends.

I am guessing that with all these "radical" things coming to the public light, we won't expect apologies any time

What is law, if it's to be defined by fools that only guess?

When one looks at the oath's taken by the crown agents, servants etc.. then one can clearly see that the wording - See Below

"I,, do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lord the King, His heirs and successors according to law, as a recognised law enforcement officer without favour or affection, malice or ill-will until I am legally discharged, that I will cause His Majesty's peace to be kept and preserved, and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against that peace, and that while I continue to be a recognised law enforcement officer I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all my duties faithfully according to law. So help me God."

Thats some wording is it not?.. Has anyone asked .. "what about the Oath to the people?"

Well.. Thats the part thats funny...

See the King himself has made that Oath, a Treaty in fact, signed in 1215... giving him, and those that have sworn this oath.... Certain obligations.. as a condition of his coronation. when any of these crown officials overstep the bounds of those conditions, the onus is on you to correct that misguided agent of the crown and have them question their oath.

Should they knowingly continue to breach that oath, then they, as individuals are indeed in in breach of "Common Law", and this comes with a pretty hefty sentence when charged. So what were faced with right now, is a society that wants to thrive but is too scared to pop their heads out, in fear of repercussions... too afraid to be "That person", too scared to "Stand up".

Until people have faith in the laws designed to protect them, the sooner they can see what their obligations are to each other to maintain peace and proper order among us..

This is Australia

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